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Tom Brady made it official that his time with the Patriots is over. Here's where we could see him next year. Other possibility in the reply


I (the one in the orange) literally won by a nose


It's been 7 years since the current generation of consoles started, but still, it feels like the PS5 and XBOX Series X are being rushed out.


Happy "Hug a hockey mask wearing psychopath" day!


I will be doing a Phar Lap Horse Racing Challenge (good game if you haven't check ed it out) Betting Party stream on May 2. Just because you won't be able to lose real money if the Kentucky Derby's delayed doesn't mean you can't lose fake money lol.


They're so cute when they're sleeping, lol


Happy Birthday, Chuck Norris! -Every night before he goes to bed, the Boogeyman looks under his bed for Chuck Norris. -There are two kinds of women in the world, those who have slept with Chuck Norris, and those that want to sleep with him again


Anybody else have trouble with the site saying that you're not following people even though you have? Gave the couple of people that followed me a follow back, but when I go to the following tab, it says I`m NOT following anybody.


What's everyone's most rage inducing game? For me, XCOM 2. Nothing pisses me off faster than one of my guys standing 10 feet away from an alien, with a clear shot and 90% chance of hitting, and inexplicably shooting over it's head.


If there's any better way to pass the time other than sitting naked in a beanbag chair and eating Cheetos, I haven't found it.


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