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Final Fantasy XIII-2: The DLC Problem

Playing Final Fantasy XIII-2--and mind you, I'm still only at the beginning--I've noticed two spots in the game that are suspiciously empty: In the menu, there is an submenu labeled "Outfits". In the Historia Crux--the game's map system, ...


The (potential) Case Against Nintendo

The (potential) Case Against Nintendo Since the announcement of region locking on the unit, there has been controversy about the Nintendo 3DS: they threaten to brick any 3DS unit that has been used with unlicensed software or hardware. A...


The Case Against Sony

The Case Against Sony Recently, there's been a lot of controversy over the hacking of the Playstation 3. George Hotz, a hacker that goes by the name “geohot”, amongst others, distributed the root keys of the Playstation 3, which allows use...


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My name's Brandon. I'm 21 years old, and I've been playing games for as long as I can remember; my first game was probably one of the Mario games.

My favorite games are RPGs (preferably Japanese-style), platformers, and action-adventure games. I'll try pretty much anything out, but I stay away from sports games. My favorite title is Persona 4. I also enjoy horror games; my favorite of those, though it wasn't all that scary, is Silent Hill: Shattered Memories.

I aim to eventually work for a video game magazine or website.