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So are we doing #Cursedmas this year? Just curious as a know some people said it made them uncomfortable and more likely to leave the site and I don't want either of those things.


Well I just finished what's currently available for Saga and now I'm angry.


Had an interview today at a pharmacy to get hired on as a technician (mostly just clerical work). I don't have very high hopes that I'll get it as there were quite a few applicants but that would be so much nicer than what I'm doing now. Fingers crossed.


Oh boy, I've gotten 2 emails today from a Russian address promising free bitcoins! I'll be rich as soon as I click the link!


I'm going to open a nightclub/delicatessen. I'll call it SickBeats n' CuredMeats.


So Griftlands is pretty fucking good ya'll. I would almost say it's better than Slay the Spire in terms of card game/roguelike.


Oh my dear lord, Al Ewing is going to write a new Venom series for Marvel. I am so stoked.


I'm going to become president of the world out of spite, and my first order of business will be to abolish trademarks and copyright laws and shit.


Hi everyone, I just need to vent for a bit in the comments.


PG Seven Sword/G update: After 3 1/2-4 hours across 2 sessions, I have both feet and (most of) the right leg complete. Perfect grade is no joke but man there's some cool engineering in this kit. Lots of fun so far.


Everyone keeps talking about Lil Nas X's new music video without saying the name of the song. What's it called so I can check it out?


Ooh, going off of friend bong, I just got the G1 reissue Hot Rod and the new Studio Series 86 version! Here they are side by side. #ToyThursday


Man, fuck Total War. But also excuse me while I play more Total War.


So there are now 2 confirmed cases of Covid at my workplace and still the managers are pretty much saying "just sanitize more and wear masks, it'll be fine." So now I'm having a silent panic attack. What a way to start the week.


Does anyone remember the name of the game that was about like a rebellion but with mice and shit? It came out within the last couple of years, pretty sure the cover art was a mouse holding up a flag and its fist. Isometric maybe?


#Childhoodtoyd I can totally get behind this tag! My brother got me back into Transformers earlier this year and I found some of my old favorites, specifically Energon Rodimus and Armada Hotshot! Not my originals but i still love them.


So after some deliberation and your recommendations, I have decided to get Stardew Valley and I have to say, it's pretty much exactly what I was looking for. Just chilling out with some farming and fishing is very nice.


So between DooME and Nioh, gaming-wise, I'm getting stressed the fuck out so I'm looking for something just chill and nice and I would like to know whether you guys would recommend Animal Crossing or Stardew Valley as a relaxing game to play. Thoughts?


Well, 4 (possibly longer) day weekend from work because of all the viral fuckery. Good thing Doom is out soon.


Hoo boy, those Japanese-only-until-yesterday Kunio games are HARD. At least for me. Took me like 11 tries just to get past the first stage in Nekketsu Koha Kunio-kun.


Having tallied them up, I finished 39 games this year. This is the first year I've kept track so I'm curious how 2020 will pan out.


Hey PC people, what's a good resource for finding ways to "fix" my computer? I've been attempting to play games on it again but shit keeps going wrong and I'm starting to remember why I shelved it for a year...


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