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NVGR-- F'n Rambo!

Just saw Stallone's latest film. Its violent. Really, really violent. I'd say there would be spoilers, but really, y'all know what to expect already. First off, the film takes place in Burma, home of a bloody civil war. The military ...


About Your moms new boyfriendone of us since 7:55 PM on 11.26.2006

Our hero can be seen chronically masturbating to hardcore lesbian porn, mostly because I'm too lazy to close the drapes.

Anyway, as a gamer, I like to keep my selections varied. I'll intentionally play bad games, in the hopes that at least there's some redeeming quality about it. Usually, there isn't. However, I can truthfully say that That's so Raven was a much better game than Hanna Montana.

Plus, I like Jack Daniels. A lot.


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