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Dear Destructoid Pt.2 My Setup

Hey yo.. This I my setup or I guess collection. I very much envy all those who came before me, but I’ll put this up just to tip my hat, so to speak. This is the whole deal right here. I don’t know if the TV or amp are amazing, I do know ...


Dear Destructoid Pt.1

Dear Destructoid, Err, that’s a little formal… Heyyyy…. Nice. I’ve done a couple of blogs already, about my tattoos, but I thought I should do one of these introduction things I hear so much about. Check out my tattoo ones if you’re intere...


Tattoos..... Another one!

Kid Icarus (Or Kiddy Cris as my naïve self used to call it) was the kind of game that could hold me to the screen for hours at a time, without any kind of care as to what was going on around me. The game is short, by today’s standards or ev...


Pt4: A New Hope

The Legend of Zelda series has to be my all time favorite Nintendo franchise. The series has had numerous games produced and although each is basically a remix of the last, they all are great games with an excellent main story and great sid...


Blogging the Sleeve Pt2.

How about an update yaw'll? Went in for another session with the tattoo artist and had a 3 hour sit down. For those of you counting at home, that makes 5 hours in total now. You'll see that we got most of the fill done. Ryu is finished so ...


My Tattoo Sleeve Begins

It was a long time coming but work has finally begun... Of the five pieces chosen for my entire arm tattoo dedication to Video Games, i decided to begin with the classic Street Fighter II. All five main tattoos to make arm the whole arm...


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Hey Yo,
I'm an Australian gamer, living in Melbourne.
I got into gaming at around 6 and haven't stopped!
I like to think all my bias and fanboyish charm has worn off now, but i may still have some in there, which could be why i don't own a PS3.
I own the following systems:
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Super Nintendo
Slim PS2
Xbox 360

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Favourite games?
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