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Dear Destructoid Pt.2 My Setup

Hey yo..
This I my setup or I guess collection.
I very much envy all those who came before me, but Iíll put this up just to tip my hat, so to speak.

This is the whole deal right here. I donít know if the TV or amp are amazing, I do know itís not Full HD, so there room for an upgrade right there. Letís take a closer took, come on, this way.

These are some of the Collectors or Limited Editionís I have picked up over time. There are a couple of others, but there have been put away. For example, there is a larger Overkill box, and a Gears of War II one as well. Really it all takes up so much space. If I had more room, I would have it out. Im considering getting a cabinet for it all. Im very dissapointed that the Batarang doesnít come off the stand, and the Bayonetta gun is too small. Oh, look, some games.

I really donít know how I got so many. I guess they just add up over time. None of my PC games are out here, so with those, these numbers would double. But I got some closer look shots right here.

My NDS Lite isnít shown, but I have a white one, pink one, and black one. Well, the house does. Thatís an original GameBoy in the case, and the red tin behind the flash cart box is the Astro Boy Tv Series. It looks like my Gameboy and Advance boxes are all away as well. Havenít finished a single one of those PS1 games yet.

My little retro section I guess. I really wish there was a way to have my N64 and SNES games with the labels showing. Iíve seen some people Sharpie the names on the top, but thatís not for me. Things missing that I want: The Legend of Zelda on SNES and II on NES.

Here we have some 360 games and some Sega games at the back. The Sega ones donít really donít get played. Most of them are imports and I donít speak or read Japanese. You can still get through it, but itís not the same for me. Most of this stuff will get stored when I get more Wii/360 games to make room. Those tins on the left are NDS flash carts. Cyclo DS is my brand. 360 games that I regret buying: Shaun White. Need for Speed. Scene It.

With business out of the way, hereís where the party starts! Some of the Wii games are ex rentals so I have them in new cases. Where can I get white ones? Still searching. Dead Space is probably my favourite game, followed by Ghost Recon AW2. My wife gets into COD4 online, Iím not that great so I donít get on as much. Wii fit is hers too. I swear. Itís the only balance board game we have. Halo Wars is unopened, it was a gift. Just canít get into BorderlandsÖ Keep in mind, some of these are for my 8 year old, eg: Cars.

Some Hero stuff. Dj Hero wasnít worth it and cost me $AU250 on launch day. I think I have only put 2 hours into it. Drums are out of frame.

Consoles and GameCube/PS2 games. I have played the first level of God Of War and its really good! Need to get into thatÖ I have no excuse for the Mario Dancing Stage. In all honesty, it was a gift.

The box at the bottom is where all the controls live. This one is all Nintendo. I have another for everything else. More GC games at the top. I think Luigiís Mansion is really underrated and if you have a GC you should check it out. You can see some of the GC are ex rentals. They just didnít move at my local Blockbuster so they cleared em out super cheap. Seen below, House of the Dead: Overkill guns for the Wii. Really awesome shells, unless you need the nun chuck attached.

All this stuff is plugged in and works in case youíre wondering, though youíre probably not. I love playing my NES, so much nostalgia. Iím searching for PS games, but are tricky to find. Even copied ones are hard to find! Iím thinking the Metal Gear Solid series and Shadow of the Colossus for PS2. Iíd also like some Street Fighter games.

Finally, just some of the movies and stuff I like:

Not much here is new. Torrents and allÖ. Guilt. My number one would be a Korean movie called A Bittersweet Life. You can see it top left. Canít tell you whoís in it or anything, itís all in Korean. Thereís a second row behind all these, but they are the B grades.

Hope you like my setup!
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