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Gears of War 3 review

Here it is, the end of one of the most celebrated trilogies in recent gaming memory. Gears of War 3 has a lot of significance for many gamers, as it was the first “next-generation” series for the round of gaming consoles that we enjoy toda...


In Defense of...

Before I begin, I'm going to say this right now: I am not going to make any claims about being right on this topic. The logic may be flawed, the argument laughable, but dammit, I'm trying to do something other than rank-and file reviews! (...


Homefront Review (X360)

Let it be known that 2011 was the year that shooters attempted to take down Call of Duty. One major player this year is the vaunted Battlefield 3, while a relative unknown is also attempting to take down Activision's juggernaut series. Th...


MLB 11: The Show Preview

Ah, MLB: The Show. One of two baseball series that makes me proud to be a PS3 owner. I've been playing the series on a yearly basis since MLB 08, and while it's been good, MLB 10 felt...too samey for some reason. The mechanics were still...


Apropos of Nothing: JRPG Quirks

Regular readers of my blog (all five of you) know that I usually don't go beyond the realm of the textbook review. Considering how many people do editorials and they're on myriad different topics, this one likely will make people just look...


Medal of Honor Review (PS3)

While I do like first-person shooters, I will admit right now that they are not my forte. While they are the most popular genre these days, especially on consoles, they are also the genre that seemingly does not even attempt to innovate. ...


MLB 10: The Show Preview

Now that the painful part in previewing MLB 2K10 is out of the way, the real fun begins in my preview of MLB 10: The Show. Those who have played The Show since its debut on the PS3 know that it has come a long way since the delayed and und...


MLB 2K10 Preview

Anybody who has read my blog (all three of you) knows I'm nuts about baseball. Even though I'm a Red Sox/SoftBank Hawks fan, I can appreciate good baseball, and will even go all the way to Asia to get it. My first two reviews were about M...


About Yakulto27one of us since 9:08 PM on 04.20.2008

My name is Jim, but a lot of people call me Jimbo. I'm a budding journalist, and I write about two things in general: video games and baseball. I love fusing the two into my baseball game reviews to try and find the perfect baseball experience. There probably will never be one, but there are ones that come close.

My favorite games of all time (not named Zelda, Mario, or Sonic) are ActRaiser for Super Nintendo, Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan for Nintendo DS, Ninja Gaiden on Xbox/PS3, and the best golf game ever made, Arnold Palmer Tournament Golf for the Sega Genesis. As you've seen (and will see), I like imports, especially since the Japanese get games we will either never see, or will see about 10 years after they originally come out (see Yakuza 2 and 3).

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