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My Top 20 SNES games

#20. Super Mario World 2 Yoshi's Island, Iím not sure as to weather to say that this game has or had an amazing graphical look as Yoshiís Islandís look is unique, this game features artwork that strongly resembled what one would expect to be the artwork of a young child, which is sad as the art style is as much as a breath of fresh air in this era of 3dgraphics as it was in an era of 2dgraphics.

#19. Donkey Kong Country, the first fully 3d rendered game on the home consoles, and best of the series in my opinion. This was also a rebirth for the Donkey Kong series as there was a long hiatus between the Donkey Kong Games on the NES and the Donkey Kong Country on the SNES. Fun and inventive levels as well as a million and a half secrets for you to find, kept gamers coming back for more and helps make Donkey Kong Country as one of the greatest games on the Super Nintendo. Donkey Kong Country is currently available on Nintendoís Virtual Console if you wish to enjoy this classic too.

#18. SimCity, The original simulation game where you take on the role as mayor of a city, you get to choose between either a scenario city or create your own city, and try to make it as big as possible. Hours of fun (or mind numbing boredom depending on your point of view) was waiting to be had discovering what made a city work and discovering the best strategy to make your city grow as large as you could. I even got my mom addicted to the point that when we traveled to a large town that she would start to make comparisons and as a personal side bonus for me Detroit was one of the scenarios in the game. . SimCity is currently available on Nintendoís Virtual Console if you wish to enjoy this classic simulation game.

#17. Actraiser is a god game much in the style of Poplous, and SimCity that is blended with side scrolling action sequences much in the vein of the Iron Sword games on the NES. This game had excellent pacing that could easily hold the most easily distracted person focus and enjoy it. Actraiser is currently available on Nintendoís Virtual Console if you wish to enjoy this classic too.

#16. Tetris & Dr. Mario, What this game boiled down too was the fact that the 2 of the biggest puzzle games ever were now in one package with head to head multiplayer that used both games as a part of the competition. This was a puzzle game players dream as both of these classics on one pack and is something that has never happened again since sadly, come on I would love to see this on the Virtual Console but I doubt that will happen as I think Nintendo has lost the license to the Tetris franchise.

#15. Rock N' Roll Racing, the first game that I ever noticed to feature a recognizable licensed soundtrack, from Metal bands like Black Sabbath, and Deep Purple, and the game itís self wasnít bad at all, game play wise I want you to think RC Pro am with missiles, and other weapons, all from the good folks at Blizzard!

#14, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV; Turtles in Time, A vastly improved port of the arcade game that was released as an early title for the SNES, that included extra bosses, extra levels and one of the most memorable boss fights in gaming history (in my opinion at least) we could play this for hours with my friends and no one would notice the passage of time, about the only thing that was really missing was the ability to play as all 4 Turtle Titans at one time, but that was a common flaw of many of the side scrolling brawlers of the time.

#13. Castlevania IV, Is easily one of the best games in the Castlevania series, as this was the first to feature full 360 directional use of your whip, so you could use it for offense or defense far more effectively than you had ever done before. Some have argued that this was the best looking Castlevania in the series; I beg to differ, though I will concede that no other 2d Castlevania ever successfully captured the look and feel of Super Castlevania. . Castlevania IV is currently available on Nintendoís Virtual Console if you wish to enjoy this classic tale of man vs. vampire.

#12. Killer Instinct, this was one of the first fully 3d fighting games, though still fought in 2 dimensions the characters and backgrounds were all 3d models, and on top of that killing your buddies was never more fun and this was the first fighting game where you could pull off some seriously huge combos every fighting franchise that came after had to start keeping track of all of the combos you could pull off, including...

#11. Super Street Fighter 2, The final version of the Granddaddy of the entire fighting game genre to be released on the SNES. I know this came out on other systems but the SNES Version was the definitive version, as the basic control pad lent itís self to the game play. But why I put this version of the game on the list is that you had 4 new characters and a new combo system (though no where near as grandiose as Killer Instinct) on top of the classic street fighter game play we all know and love. Super Street Fighter 2 is currently available on Nintendoís Virtual Console if you wish to enjoy the best fighting experience on the SNES in my opinion.

#10. Super Mario Kart, The first and considered by many to be the best kart racing game to ever be released, is highlighted by tight controls, and inventive stages, and innovative multiplayer battle mode. This was the best racing game on the SNES, and several of the stages are still some of the best designed in the series, many hours were spent by me and my friends to see who was the best at every multiplayer mode.

#9. The legend of Zelda: a link to the past is in my opinion the best game of the entire series, and that says a lot as almost every Legend of Zelda game is usually one of the premier titles on any platform Nintendo puts it on. What sets A link to the past apart from the other games in the Legend of Zelda series is that it was really the first Zelda game to feature a deep story, offer many more new tools, 2 huge worlds to explore, awe inspiring bosses, and incredible pacing and game play, and these are only a few of the many reasons why this game set what many of us deem to be the hallmarks of the series. The legend of Zelda: a link to the past is currently available on Nintendoís Virtual Console if you wish to enjoy Linkís best adventure.

#8. Secret of Mana, One of the first action RPGs, and the best reason to own a SNES multitap as is also the first multiplayer RPG. The look and setting is unique, so unique that itís settings and backdrops that you enter, have only been met in recent years by some other RPGís like Kingdom Hearts and the Persona series of RPGs. as a sample of settings lets just say killing Santa Claus was the highlight of my day in this game. This game also featured the first noticeably androgynous character in RPGs but the fact that the Sprite was a total Badass made it forgivable. Secret of Mana is currently available on Nintendoís Virtual Console if you wish to enjoy this fun multiplayer RPG.

#7. Final Fantasy 2, The fact that a Final Fantasy game makes the list should come to no one's surprise, This was the series first venture into the 16 bit era, and featured one of the best stories in the Final Fantasy series, and fans of this game since have had much to rejoice about as it has not only had a 3d remake as Final Fantasy IV (as it was the 4th game in the series but was labeled as 2nd game in the series as it was the second game in the series released in the USA) for the DS, and has had a follow up was recently released on the Wii as DLC featuring the offspring of the heroes of the this original game

#6. Super Mario RPG - Legend of the Seven Stars, Mario's first RPG, and first foray into 3d rendering, brought to us by the fine folks at Squaresoft. This was a most interesting project as unlike many of squares other RPGs at the time this was a turn based RPG menu as most were used to but you had action and platforming elements as well like the need to time your attacks for more damage. this also introduced many new characters to the Mario Universe like Geno and Mallo whom I suspect are owned by Square as we have never seen them in anything else Mario since, not even a guest spot on Mario Kart. Super Mario RPG - Legend of the Seven Stars is currently available on Nintendoís Virtual Console if you wish to enjoy Marioís first RPG.

#5. Super Metroid, The best Metroid game ever released. So what makes it so great? there are too many things to count, amazing exploration, some completely lonely moments, and simply enormous bosses so impressive that the boss fights in this game are still being copied in modern games to this day and I donít just mean 2d games, what donít believe me look at the first Gears of War and the fight with the Corpser, direct rip off of the battle with the ugly fellow in red pictured below, and that is only scratching the surface! Super Metroid is currently available on Nintendoís Virtual Console if you wish to enjoy this amazing game; it is well worth the purchase.
Super Metroid's god i dont remember this boss's name boss

#4. Super Mario All Stars, this was a graphical remake of all of the original NES Super Mario Bros. games, and included the never before released in the US Super Mario Bros. The Lost Levels which were released in Japan as Super Mario Bros. 2. This is the only Super Mario Bros game compilation that has ever been released sadly as a re-release would be really cool right now on the Virtual Console, maybe in time for the release of Super Mario Galaxy 2. One can hope cant he?

#3. Super Mario World, One of the best Mario Games ever made, and to sweeten the deal, Nintendo gave you a copy of the game when you bought a SNES. What made this game outstanding was the fact that this was the biggest Mario game released, and if I am not mistaken the biggest ever released in the series, with the most levels, with more secrets, and power-ups then ever before or since. While you didnít need a warp zone you could easily beat the game in a few hours or spend the days discovering the wonders of Dinosaur Island to rescue Peach, like witnessing the changes that happened to the island as you progressed, and the hidden levels like Star Road or the challenge levels which could change the season of the game from summer to fall and even the appearance of some enemies. Super Mario World is currently available on Nintendoís Virtual Console if you wish to enjoy this must own part of any gamers diet.

#2. Final Fantasy 3, was my first RPG, technically speaking as it was the first one I enjoyed, and in my mind the best in the Final Fantasy series. So why else does this deserve this ranking in my list? Final Fantasy 3 as it was released in the USA (is actually the 6th game in the series) was the only game in the Final Fantasy series to star a female lead character until Final Fantasy X2, and the upcoming XIII, and not only her but all of the characters were great and memorable Characters, The Soundtrack was Epic, the game was properly paced, and featured the truly greatest villain of the Final Fantasy series, Kefka. While Seperoth may have killed a main character in Final Fantasy 7, he wasnít the first to do so in the series; <> In Final Fantasy 6 Kefka poisoned a cityís water supply and killed everyone in a city, and then successfully brought about the apocalypse wiping out almost everyone in two worlds just to satiate his power lust. To be honest I feel that in my opinion this was the last game in the series that really had a complete and lasting storyline, as well as set the standard for quality in the series that gamers have come to expect, though in my opinion was the peak of the series.

#1. Chrono Trigger, if you know me you had to know that this one had to be my number one, 10+ endings over 60 hours of game play, one of the best storylines in any RPG that not only spanned many unique locals and time eras that when it was originally released was an unheard of concept, but featured character design by the creator of the Dragon Ball animated series, Akira Toriyama, and featured one of the most memorable game soundtracks of all time. Other reasons to love this game include no random battles as you can actually see your enemies on screen to avoid fights if you want too, and speaking of main characters dying, major party members die off, and a major enemy early on can be converted to an ally and actually can become a team leader. The rest of the party is representative from different time periods each with a different and unique development. On top of that the game was recently remade for the DS so now all of you can experience it for your self, and as a testament to this games greatness the remake is on average one of Metacriticís highest rated games for the DS with a 92 out of 100

Honorable mentions

Fatal Fury 2: One of the best fighters on the SNES

Goof Troop: surprisingly good game form Disney and Capcom especially since I didnít like the TV show it is based on

Final Fight 1-3: the final fight games are the best

Mortal Kombat 2: of all the versions of this game that was released this was hands down the best version of the game

Demons Crest: a surprisingly good platformer with RPG elements and a dark story. It is definitely worth your time

Populous: Peter Molinoux's first game is the best! it was tough to leave this game off my list

Pilotwings: the best console flight based game

Secret of Evermore: a Great RPG from Square that was overshadowed by the simultaneous release of Chrono Trigger

Spiderman and Venom in Maximum Carnage: me and my buddies would play this for hours...
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