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Yeah... we should talk about Prototype.


Before I begin this rather rushed quick preview of sorts, I have two things to say... I never played Hulk: Ultimate Destruction. and I will not compare this game to any other that may seem vaguely similar out right now. I really don't know where to begin this because this game is, in my humble opinion, made for a particular gamer in mind, the homicidal video gamer who wants to unleash as much chaos and violence in a game world as humanly possible and more. Unfortunately that type of gamer is me. This preview because of that will be drenched with bias that could probably drown whales.

To put it simply, this is the type of game that I prayed to the gaming gods to make when I first started to really get into video games. And to be honest a few times I thought those very same gaming gods delivered on my prayers of a no holds barred violent playground with games like the Grand Theft Autos and the darker cousin to that series Manhunt. What the sum of these two paragraphs before you are getting at is Prototype quite simply is beyond fucking awesome.

If you don't know what this game is about yet I'll just insert here what's on the back of the box:

You are Alex Mercer, the PROTOTYPE, the ultimate shape-shifting weapon. With no memory and no mercy, hunt your way to the heart of the conspiracy which created you, making those responsible pay!

Yeah doesn't sound like a very original or deep storyline but lets not kid ourselves here, if you're picking this up for a moving story of some kind you're doing it wrong. The story is merely there to facilitate the unapologetic violence that you're about to unleash and in that context it works beautifully. Revenge is always a great vehicle for wanton destruction and mayhem from movies, to books all the way back to video games. Revenge is like an invisible sword cutting away your inhibitions and morality to justify the participation of those darker deeds bubbling below your skin.

Darker deeds that you're going to love to unleash in this game. Lets see what can you do? You can transform your limbs to hammers, claws, spear looking blades that can carve pedestrians and all who get in your way in half or halves. Blood will flow in the air. Dead bodies will litter the streets. You can pick up cars and throw them at attack choppers. Of course doing an elbow drop from high in the air on a tank is there. You can absorb people and their memories and become them physically. You can run up buildings like Spiderman on speed. You're a force of fucking nature. The sense of being a badass is all encompassing. I thought the latest Wolverine game you were a badass. This game makes that game look like a prototype.

In the first fifteen minutes of the game everything I described to you above you do... back to back to back. I can nitpick this game for minuscule flaws here and there. But really that only goes to show you no game is perfect. I'm not on payroll to do reviews. I'll let the official reviewers tell you about those slight issues. What I will tell you is that minor things aside this is the most honest to goodness FUN I had in a while being loco killing EVERYTHING in sight. If you're the type of gamer who loves to plop down on your comfy sofa, drink a few cold brews and release your stress filled day with a violent bloody romp of a game, you may find Prototype not only fits the bill but takes it to another level.
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