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What are you going to do with this empty place? Answers Inside.


With the recent announcement of Final Fantasy XIII for the 360, Some Xbox 360 Owners inquired amongst themselves: What are you going to do with your reserved space?

Being the helpful kinda guy that I am, I thought to offer some suggestions to my fellow colleagues in need. What follows below are a few.

* Put all the game discs the 360 scratches up and leaves inoperable in a pile there ready at hand for those times when a burglar breaks in you can toss them as lethal projectiles at them.

* From the size of the allotted space there, that HD DVD Add on that you bought a while ago as well as your whole movie collection for it, will fit nicely.

* Those cheap headsets that come with the 360 and break down on you, you can proudly display as an art collage should you want to unleash the creative side of yourself.

* You can make a house of cards as well, what with all those extra Xbox Live subscription cards you have laying around for paying for an online service now upgraded to look like The Wii's Mii system. So hardcore.

* Have all your multi disc games there at the ready for that fast switching routine. Who cares that it's 8 discs. Pffft..Sony fanboys, I aint lazy to switch a disc. I mean Hello, we did that with FFVII only a few generations ago, No biggie.

* That punchbowl of drugs will go nicely there, as seeing that will be a prerequisite for you to extract the fun of the new UNO RUSH headed your way.

* You could leave it empty as a space for you to release your frustration when your 360 breaks down on you again by slamming your head on the shelf therapeutically.

* You could move that DVD player you have on the second shelf, Y'know the one you use to watch movies so as not to tax your 360 further, a prominent place on the top shelf.

* A big blank book would be nice as well. For those times when lyrical snippets of genius come pouring out of your head unexpectedly. Nuggets like PS3 OwnerZ U got OWNED cuz we have FF XIII. Those are keepers and deserve preservation.

* Put your PS2 or Wii there. Lord knows you're going to have to play something when your main baby is out in repair land.

and last but not least...

* A beautifully framed picture of our Robot Mascot with STFUAPG!! can and should be on display for the times when common sense eludes many of us. What better place for it.

That's all I got.

Perhaps you may have some worthwhile suggestions for these gents as well.
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