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Reason NUMBER FIVE why the Xbox 360 SUCKS.

So I'm all packed up and ready for the video game free environment of my looming vacation. I'm already in an off mood. I'm playing Pixeljunk Monsters via remote play on my PSP slimmie because my wife is seeing So You Think You Can Dance rubbish on the tellie when I hear a cry from my boys room. I immediately ignore it and file the cry under: The boys are trying to kill each other but they're still alive so no bother, when it still continues.


Good grief. What is it now? Did my oldest hurt the younger one by cold clocking him upside the head with a whiffle ball bat like last week? Or did the youngest get the better of him by hitting a certain weak area we all as males share? I got up, stretched and got into the sternful father character. I walked over to my boy's room, before I opened the door I took a chance to eavesdrop, heard nothing and really got a slight pang of worry. Did one fall from the top bunk? As soon as I opened the door I was greeted with..

" It did it again. "

Puzzled briefly I asked, "What are you talking about son and what's the rack-"

That's when I saw what he was holding in his hand. A 360 controller. Before I turned around to look at his 360 I knew what I was going to see. This.

Just in case you can't see the illuminating crimson calling card of the 360 let me turn off the lights and have my son take another picture so you can see clearly what I'm trying to highlight to you.

That would be RROD numero cinco. Five. Motherfucking FIVE. You know alot of people on this site call me a Sony fanboy. The reasons are self-evident if you see the majority of my blogs. They tend to be Sony friendly. I own all the consoles and I try to give them all a fair shake. Peruse through my blogs and you will see a piece here about the Wii, a piece there about certain games for the 360 I do look forward to. But it's shit like this that cements my overall disdain for all that is Microsoft.

The Xbox 360 is the BIGGEST pile of shit gaming hardware known to exist. And fuck all these people that say theirs has been perfect since launch. The 360 is flawed, poorly made, and poorly designed. I'm no expert but I strongly feel that it's the design itself of the console and not a chip, or any isolated part that can be remedied. It's a cracked wall that behind it is water ready to burst through. The only thing you can do is seal a crack but another is coming.

Call me a fanboy..call me whatever you want.. but this is the reason why I ultimately am the way I am and why Microsoft will fail. Maybe not this generation but the next. The sad part is I LOVED the original Xbox and NEVER had a problem with it. What sales they may lord over Sony and Wii as far as software attachment will be nothing as the perception that Microsoft can't build a quality machine that will continue working, continues to grow.

Let me guess faithful 360 owners.. this is old news. Right? Why bring this up yet again? Because I among others daily love to waste our time preaching the follies of Microsoft? No, It's because it's still motherfucking happening! To illustrate my point.. yesterday after I got off a chat session with fellow Dtoiders, Shipero, Ha-Puken and Crunshii my local news were being rebroadcasted. Guess what the fuck they were talking about? This.

Pictures taken from my TV.

The wonders of Tivo on display.

Old news?

I was going to post this in a a blog earlier today about these RROD issues still happening and decided not to. Thought to myself, naw.. I shouldn't. People will think I'm picking on their system of choice. I resigned myself to let it go and then my son's 360 RROD on him...NUMBER FIVE. Twice it was replaced. Old news? No. That Microsoft shoveled this garbage on the market is pathetic.

Here is my sincere advice if you still haven't picked up a next-gen console. DON'T BUY THE 360. IT'S SHIT. Don't take my word for it. Every other day right here in our Cblogs you'll have some have their 360 bite the bullet. Look at any forums on any site and it will be the same.

People are going to say in this post:

"y0j1mb0 is a Sony Fanboy!!"

Don't listen to that shit. I'm just giving it to you straight. Hell don't even get a PS3..get a Wii!! That's better than a 360 too!! People will give you the tried and true: The 360 has the games. Sure do, now how's about finding a system that you aren't worried will blow up on your ass. Flame me all you want. Talk shit and belittle my valid points. But I'll be honest..this post isn't for you who already owns an Xbox 360..this is for Joe Shmo who is in college, has two jobs, trying to make ends meet. The person who worries about the price of gas. The person who might want to treat themselves with something nice for themselves with the stimulus check they received or their taxes coming in and they are tittering on getting the 360.

This post is for you man. Don't do it. Get you a Wii or a PS3. Get you something that you aren't going to replace a few months into it's lifespan. Have something that can proudly sit next to your NES, SNES, and Dreamcast. Something that will work.
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