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For those who didn't know our first official PS3'S POKER NIGHTS was debuted last night and I gotta tell you it was a resounding success. We had a full table all night and it was quite the sight to see a bunch of Dtoiders wearing their Poker Apparel. From Mexican Sombreros, to Afro wigs, to a Clerks 2 visor to my personal accessory the all mighty beer, good times were had by all.

The Flop aka The time needed for Shipero to go to the ATM and back.

Money changed hands faster than a pimp changing his lineup for the night. While the beginning was more of a feeler to see how every body's game was, there were quick patterns to were deciphered from a particular Dtoid member. Yes we all noticed how Shipero while assassin extraordinaire in Warhawk, is the most god awful poker player known to man. The man was making laps to the ATM. It got so bad that he had to create another online character because he kept putting them in the poorhouse. It's okay Shipero..I still want to play poker with you. Somebody has to give me their money.

A time where our who's got the biggest balls on the river..cost the lot of us our money. We will not talk of this.

Drinking, talking shit..some more than others, and bluffing to the nines. Truly a hilarious night as we couldn't stop talking much shit trying to throw each others game off.Between James Ewing and I it got LOUD. Fellow Dtoider 311 thought he could come in with the Big Boys and rule. Unfortunately I had to take all his money..like three times over. Fun stuff indeed. But really by the end of the night when all was all said and done there remained only two. Two card sharks in a small pond of water filled with the carcasses of our prey. Takeshi and yours truly..y0j1mb0.

There could only be one. And with an all in bet the winner was..

Takeshi. You bastard. Congrats on your short-lived victory and your prize: this game right here..

..is headed your way. Till next time. And for the rest of you out there with a PS3. Come , pull up a chair and let's get this poker night going next week. Your attendance as well as your money is welcomed.
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