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PS3's Friday Night Fights: Come Get Some!!

Before I begin this PS3 Friday Night Fights to order let me just say two things right off the bat!

1. For those who still don't know your PSN Friends List has grown to 100 friends. Which means if you are not on my friend's list because it's always full, you may want to send me a friend request under my name k0wb0y-b33b0p, as well as Shipero, JamesEwing aka Ha-Puken and JohanHin aka Takeshi. It makes it leagues better for our hosting duties as well as having the privilege of being one of the few in our coveted friend's list..*cough*..lol.. *cough*

2. I picked up Jeanne D'Arc for the PSP on a whim and it ROCKS. If you haven't played this strategy RPG yet, that lets you whip up on the English ( those bloody wankers!! ), do so quickly. What a fantastic game!!

This chick is a Badass.

Okay enough of that, onward to PS3 Friday Night Fights!!

Like last Friday, we have another line up change. As a matter of fact we will continue to be flexible to try to accommodate all of you fellow Dtoiders. Last Friday we put forth the Savagery of Unreal Tournament III. A certain "Jesus-like" Dtoider proclaimed he would destroy us like the evil sinners we were. I don't think he got the memo. Evil Sinners are evil for a reason.. that certain someone got strung up faster than a chicken in the movie City of God..lol. Someone lost their touch, eh?

Now while we had fun not too many people showed up for the festivities in UT3 so tonight we are swapping UT3 with Shipero's Candyland..I mean Warhawk.

Let's hit the games & Times, shall we.

First up is Tekken Online.

If you have fought me online on Tekken the character above, you probably have tasted his kick in your face, his elbows to your noggin', your defeat by his hands. Tonight wont change much that order of sequences but hey, at least you can tell your grand kids in the future how you played one of the best Bruce players out there. Many have challenged, many have failed *cough--SantanaClaus--cough*.

The time for fighting supremacy begins @ 8:30 pm EST. Ha-Puken will be your MC/Host. His name on PSN is JamesEwing. Send him a friend request or let him know below you're interested in playing and he will send you an invite. If by chance we have more than six people show up Takeshi will be an additional host as well. His PSN name is JohanHin. Think you can best Qraze in Tekken? He's not bad, let me tell you. Or Hapuken? Yeah, him you can beat. Show up and DO IT.

Next on the list is the game I'll never grow bored of..Wardrox's favorite game.. COD4.

Anytime. Anywhere. I'm always down for this game. I need some devil dogs to roll with me tonight. Who's with me? The time for this will be @ 10pm EST. Yours truly will be hosting and ready to take on the competition. Who knows? Maybe a certain Destructoid editor *cough--Gameboi--cough* may show up. You never know who'll drop by and join you kiddies.

and finally Warhawk:

Oh Warhawk how I have missed your chaotic antics, your awesome mines, Shipero's cheap knife kills. Yes folks, your day of reckoning has come. Shipero is hosting Warhawk. Lord help us all!! The time for this will be 11:30PM EST. Know also that like always, Shipero will be hosting some Rock Band at the same time COD4 is rolling 10pm EST. So all you would be Rock Stars that like strumming on plastic guitars, and beating on fake ass drums, and who think they can sing, bring it. Scare them neighbors Dtoid style.

All interested party members leave your PSN name below.

We'll be waiting.
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