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PS3 Friday Night Fights: Aborto's Belated Birthday, Roundhouse kicks, MP5s, Burnout Bikes, and Jetpacks Edition.


Let me just get this out of the way first, head on over to Aborto's Blog and wish that deranged Pokemon lover a Happy Belated Birthday as he's a cool Dtoider who while misguided in liking Pokemons, is an all around cool dude. Late Birthday Cheers to you Aborto. Hopefully you have partaking in overflowing alcohol nectar and pastries from the gods .

Now onto PS3 Friday Night Fights.

The festivities begin with TEKKEN. The time will be 8:30PM EST. Your host will be SantanaClaus aka Moosehole. Time to see if you got what it takes to hang with the big boys. Santana, Ha-Puken and I are ready to feast on some noobs. See if you can make us eat our words. Somehow I don't foresee that happening. Good luck. You'll need it here.lol.

Next up: COD4. Double XP FTW.

Time: 10:30pm EST. Celdurant, will be hosting. Who will roll with him tonight?? Which Devil Dogs will howl at the moon and instill terror to all who will face this cadre of gamers tonight?? Who will be moving with them as they destroy the competition?? You. That's right the person reading this will. Get your ass moving and join them soldier!!


Time: 10:30pm.EST. Yes, same time as COD4 for those that want an alternative to that testosterone fueled man game, I offer another testosterone fueled hairy man game with BURNOUT. Santana Claus, will be hosting and for once I will not be on COD4!! The craziness, I know!! I'll be here, chilling with my Motorcycle bike, traveling at Warp Nine. Join SantanaClaus aka Moosehole and myself k0wb0y-b33b0p, Shipero, Takeshi, Maxvest, Liam and Balth on the BEST Arcade racer ever! And now it has bloody bikes! Let me show you them:


And Finally WARHAWK. Shipero's back to hosting duties. Have I mentioned that there are JETPACKS in the new map pack?? And that they're FUCKING AWESOME. That if you don't own them you suck at life?? We will be rolling with Jetpacks, so expect aerial knifing to debut tonight...heh heh. Here's yet another peek why Warhawk is one of the best online games on the PSTriples.

Now that you soiled your pants, Join us tonight to get reacquainted with the controls and let's have at it. The time for WARHAWK will be 11:30pm. Server:DESTRUCTOID, Password "toid" Hope to see the lot of you there. That means YOU!! All interested parties leave your PSN below.


See you online.
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