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Nintendo Power laying the Review Smackdown on BAROQUE.


I think a few of you are looking forward to this game so I thought I would share with you the latest Nintendo Power Review of the game. My son got his mag three days ago and usually I grab it from him to glance at games I might find interesting. When I saw the review for Baroque it caught my eye not only because I was looking forward to the game but because of the scathing review.

I'm just going to recap...if you want to read the entirety of it..it's in the April Issue .

" As in most Dungeon-crawlers, Baroque's combat is slowed down to the point that it feels turn-based, and it quickly grows boring.

On top of the boring game play, Baroque just throws you into the action from the get-go, with no explanation of what is going on or who you are. ( The main character, conveniently, has amnesia. )

The rest of Baroque is underwhelming as well. The graphics are average, and the dungeons are drab and unimpressive.

The localization is laughably bad, and doesn't make the story any easier to comprehend. All in all, Baroque has few redeeming qualities, and your money is better spent elsewhere."

SCORE: 3.0

Ouch!! The crazy part of this, is this was the lowest score in the whole review section..lower than Pinball Hall of Fame: 7.5, Lost in Blue 3: 5.5, Obscure:The Aftermath: 7.0, Sega Bass Fishing: 5.0.


On an unrelated note: I totally kicked MrSadistic's Ass in UT3 11-0 in a duel match tonight.
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