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Like Baldur's Gate? Like Diablo II? You may like this as well.


I don't know about you but I absolutely loved Baldur's Gate and its sequels. There is something so appealing about running around and killing everything in sight for the sole purpose of looting and leveling up your chosen character. What's even better is equipping said chosen character with new spells and combat moves, essentially making him even more lethal than before, in order to vanquish the evil ( or good ) slew of enemies before you. Add in customizable weapons as well as armor that your eyes can see change in game and the frothing for me begins. Top that off with a robust multiplayer co-op and PvP component and I'm in heaven.

Oh yeah, you can ride on a friggin' tiger.

Usually if I want to experience that feeling I described above I would get on my PC, fire up Diablo II, get on Skype, and write a blog to get other like minded gamers to roll with me and get our looting and leveling up on... and I've done just that with some of you a few times as chronicled here. So it should come as no surprise to anyone that I was more than a bit excited about Sacred 2: Fallen Angel as early reports deemed it to be a Diablo II knock off. Hearing that made me go to my local Gameflop store and prepay for it right then and there. Well having received my copy of it early Tuesday morning and running it through its courses, the only relevant question to ask is: Is it a good knock off?

Simply put, yes. It's a great knock off. It stea-borrows heavily from Baldur's Gate and Diablo II. Let's go with what the game has to offer. Pretty much the same hack/slash ( or in PC terms: clickyty-click ) action as seen in Diablo II and its kind. This time you have six classes to choose from and the majority of them are kick ass female characters. From the winged Valkyrie-like Seaphim class, to the ethereal High Elf, all the way to the surreal Temple Guardian, an Anubis Cyborg with robot parts, you may feel the roster to choose from is a bit small but when you find out you can customize him or her to your liking through leveling up, you begin to realize its all good. I can pretty much bet money your Dryad at level 15 will look nothing like mine at the same level. Also they all have mounts specific to their class. Some will ride tigers while others will ride giant spiders, all the while slashing or shooting arrows from atop their ride.

Customizing out the yahzoo? Yeah, this game has you covered.

Four player online co-op or competitive modes ( as well as two player offline same console ) are here. Want to trade armor, swords or be generous and just give money to your fellow man? Do it. I played a few games with complete strangers last night and had a ball. Then I talked Moosehole into getting the game and he and I rolled on the campaign for hours, talking junk and kicking ass. Awesome stuff. As for those who may want to know the longevity of the game, well let me tell yall something. The first time I opened the world map I was floored. The game is huge. Like Oblivion huge but bigger. With about 600 quests, "light" and "shadow" campaigns, leaderboards, trophies/achievements, spiffy graphics and okay music, that's a lot of meat on the bone.

Palpatine eat your heart out.

Now if you don't care for this type of game, guess what? You wont like this either. Go play Peggle or something. But for the rest ask yourselves again : Do you like Baldur's Gate? Do you like Diablo II? If so, this is a no brainer. You can now stop playing Diablo II for like the hundredth time and put away that PC headset for use with skype. Now you can play Sacred 2:Fallen Angel with three other chums in the confines of your sofa with an ice cold beer.

[ For those interested... Look for this game to hit the PS3 Friday Night Fight rotation this coming Friday. ]
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