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Happy 30th Birthday SilverDragon!!


Emerson once said: "We do not count a man's years, until he has nothing left to count." If that is so, then it shouldn't even be noted that Shawn, our residential Cblog Recapper extraordinaire SilverDragon and Gamer Limit editor, is turning thirty today for I'm quite sure he still has quite a few things left to count, least of all the many blessings of his fiance and his finally doing what he loves to do, which is to write professionally about videogames. So I wont start counting the prior thirty birthdays that have passed for Shawn, nor will I imply that youth has left him behind today.

I will merely wish my friend a Happy Birthday and encourage others here to procure an alcoholic beverage of some kind and raise a glass in unison as I wish him a birthday filled with merriment, friendship and above all, love. Here's to thirty more ...old man.
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