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Friday Night Fights: PS3 RETRO EDITION!!


It's that time again Gents!! The time where Mr.Sadistic puts on his stockings, gets his lipstick ready and..Oh Wait! Wrong night..my bad. Anyway it's Friday and that means the night is ours to obliterate ourselves in the battlefields of Friday Night Fights. No need for quarters, or wading through the annoying kids trying to get tickets from a machine, so they can get a cheap ass Spongebob Squarepants Plush. No B.O. assaulting your senses to the point of tears. Just those twin sticks, an online connection and that loss your going to get from either Myself, Shipero, MrSadistic or Samit.

Who's coming with us to the battlefield?? You, Brainderailment? Are you going to bring your sorry ass to the big dance or are you still embarrassed to show your face after those humiliating losses in Unreal Tournament 3 I gave you the last time we went toe to toe?? You, Takeshi? We need are comedy relief..and your game gives us plenty of laughs. How about Liam? Or are you grounded again for not doing your chores Mommie gave you to do?? Might as well ask about Samit. Samit....are you going to be there, or are you going to be auditioning for American Idol ?? What with that pretty voice of yours. What? You guys haven't heard Samit's singing. Let me give you a sample:

Maybe Gameboi might get a night off from work. He keeps telling me how Destructoid is killing him and how he has to take up the slack of all the other Editor/Writers all the time. Here's hoping you get the night off tonight so we can welcome you to the battlefield proper!!

Let's get to the Info:

The Games & Times:

The Unreal Tournament Festivities will be starting at 8pm EST and will be hosted by none other than our own residential psychopath: Mr Sadistic.

Call Of Duty 4 will begin at 9:30pm EST and will be hosted by yours truly Dtoid's own y0j1mb0. Samit/BrOnXbOmBr21 ... I get the feeling I'm going to be awesome in this game tonight. Hopefully you'll suck like the last Friday Night.

After we finish with COD4 Warhawk will be on the menu @ about 10pmEST..Password TOID..as usual. Hosted by Shipero.

For those who don't own COD4, don't fret as the UT3 game hosted by Sadistic will be going on until at least 10pm EST or until you get demoralized by Sadistic and quit.

Bring it gents. Hope to see the lot of you there so I can bust a cap in your face. Leave that PSN Tag below and let me know something.

Oh and Shipero I got some bullets with your name on them just for Warhawk!!

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