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Cblogs of 6.4.08


These are my bloodshot eyes right now. The time is 4:09 EST and my ass is tired. Alot of blogs to recap and I started late because of work that needed my attention. No witty stories tonight. I'm going to bed. I gotta wake up in two hours.

*-Black or White, it matters not. This is a great read Tubatic.
*-I hate Chicken Soup but I love the birth of a potentially great series.
*-PAX 2008 & The EPIC List of Attendees. ( I gotta bring my old ass to one of these! )
*-Destructoid Cards Booster Pack 11. ( The Ghost's Card Packs should have a reserved spot in the Picks of every Recapper )
*-Then Why you trying to BONK him like a bitch, Bret?

A- RskimB hates Ron Artest.
A-Jack Thompson Sentencing.
A-I was accused of being a Microsoft Fanboy!
A-Metal Gear Solid Q & A.
A-Milescosmo went to Singapore..I'm jelous.
S-Awesome New Series by Excremento.
S-Games I'd Play the Hell out of.
M-The Start of The Affair:DIG DUG ( Respect the old school Fool! y0j1mb0 )
M-The Start of The Affair:Megaman Legends 2 ( Or Vexed Alex's family don't know what a horse looks like! )
M-The Start of The Affair: Quest to Save the World.( Also, Super Mario RPG rules )
M-The Start of The Affair:Goldeneye.
M-The Start of The Affair:FF II ( blehman style! )
M-The Start of The Affair: [ nilcam ]
M-The Start of The Affair: [ unstoppablejuggernaut ]
M-The Start of The Affair:[ninjamogzero ]
M-The Start of The Affair: [ pendelton21 ]
M-The Start of The Affair: [ yuiichi ]
M-The Start of The Affair: [ sleepingagain]
M-The Start of The Affair: [ CaptainApocalypse]
M- The Start of the Affair [Joe 100517]
M- The Start of the Affair (Wexx)
M- The Start of the Affair (sweetchuck)
M- The Start of the Affair (PsychoSoldier)
M- The Start of the Affair (MPHtails)

E-Tales of EtrianOdyssey(Akarshi)
E- Tales of Etrian Odyssey (lordofblades)

E-amtrak loves and thanks Destructoid.
E-aborto wants company @ the Comic Con. Beer's on him.
F-Wednesday Night Whatever: Will anybody show up and play with Shipero Edition.
S-Jack Thompson doesn't look so good.
S-Thinking outside The Orange Box.
S-A Box....from JAPAN!
C-NAARP + Rio=Win.
C-NAARP + itemforty=Win.
C-NAARP + PetiePal=Win.
I-My name is Robbie and I plug more things in this blog than Jenna Jameson does in her Pornos.
R-TheRookieMonster's Set up/Rig.

N-I don't believe it.
N-MGS4 Bundle $avings.
N-ninjamogzero has a Lego Fetish.
N-What Electro Lemon said.
N-Battle Fantasia. Note to self: Import this game NOW for your PS3!!
N-That's all well and good but how are they as a snack & will they fit on my back?
N-Civilization Demo tomorrow.
N-PS3 and Viagra?
N-3 Demos tomorrow.
N-MGS4 character countdown.
N-Lucky Bastard.
N-Europeons actually having a cool special edition MGS4?
N-Target Love.
N-Rune Factory for the Wii.
N-No more Getaway and Eight Days.
V-Zero Punctuation? Yes please.
N-underside demo.
N-DOUBLE XP for COD4 this weekend!!
V-Mega 64 Review.
R-Quake Wars Review.
T-Xbox Live's Top games.

A-Kick ass Faceplate!!
A-Dig that art style bro.
L-Wanna see somebody lose it? Click here.

L-I like Blehman's comment the best.
V-Saints Row2 clowning GTA IV. Also, covah can't spell Saints.
?-Obama with Chucks & Skateboarding.
?-What are you talking about ?
?-cannedpasta 's shameless promotion!
?-Kojima and Guiness Record.
?-Alrighty then ....

F-Want to see what a Fail blog looks like? Click here.
F-Zero Comments. No Friends. Laym. Fail.
F-Failure Evolved.
F-Knock Knock. Who's there? FAIL.
F-Content: Do you HAVE it? No? FAIL.
F-The AMAZING Faliure.
F-A paragraph about the IPHONE? ......... Fail.
F-My heart tells me this should be in the intro section but my head knows better. FAIL.
G-This goes beyond Failure to a new classification: <<Garbage Status>>

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