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CBlogs of 3.29.08

Another day another CBlog to do. I will echo the few and proud volunteers of the past. How Ceark does this day in and out without going on a rampage boggles the mind. But I did enjoy the challenge. Our residential Artist will be back tomorrow doing his thing again as my stint is over for the time being.

I'm just going to say one more thing before the Recap begins and that's that the Cblogs in general are the most entertaining thing on this site for me. As an Online Community, the amount of entertainment, intelligence, insight, bizarro oddities, and last but not least camaraderie found in our blogs just can't be beat. By anybody else out there. You don't see this CBlog format anywhere like here and I believe it is one of Destructoid's Shining Beacons leading them to even more successful endeavors. To those who blog everyday or once a month.. keep on doing your thing. To those who joined but haven't heeded the blog call..don't be shy. Post a blog or at least an intro. Tell us about yourself. We wont bite....hard.

As for the lurkers, stop doing that. That's creepy. Join our family and our voice to make it larger, better, and all world encompassing. Thanks to all who contribute. It's been fun doing the recaps. Cheers.

*-BOING!! This is the Hook Shot!
*-I'm Jealous Sharpless!!
*-T-Rexes are some Bad Mother-Shut Yo Mouth!
*-Bitch Be Tripping Balls!!

A-GTA IV: PS3 VS XBOX360 ... Let's get it on!
A-The Perception of The PC in Decline as a Gaming Platform is Serious Business.
A-Chad..I mean Evil (..*snicker*..)Chad's MEGA UPDATE.
S-CBlogs of 3.28.08 Classic Ceark Style.
S-" No one should be within 2 miles of a "White Chicks" DVD."
S-Gaming Toys You Will Want: Part 6.
S-Shitty Movie Night and boy did the movie they pick is Shit.
S-Conrad's On the Table: Enter Fluxx

C-Why I Need EDS's FREE Points.(Ends 4.10)
C- Ret Rose Tinted(Ends 3.31)
C- Cblog Xbox Scavenger Hunt (Ends 3.31)
C- that audiosurf contest (Ends 5.2)
T-Not My Turning Point Gaming Rig.
T-Not My Turning Point Gaming Rig.
T-Not My Turning Point Gaming Rig.
T-Not My Turning Point Gaming Rig.

F-Halo 3 FNF: Recap Non Racist Edition.
S-Geouffuws' 10 Best characters & 10 Bad ones. He forgets the other nine for both.
S-Wardrox's 10 steps to Happiness and Relaxation or How Wardrox still sucks at COD4.
C-Naitsu wants to save the world through less energy consumption. Hippie.
C-BattleZone was the shit!
C-Reflections .....
C-Hey covah, these CBlogs are totally fake. April Fools Day!!
C-Dan's set up is not as Fail as he thinks..he's got a Dreamcast.
C-Gibbo's gaming set up. Please clean the dual screens of your DS.
C-DanGale wishes he lived in a video game town..Haha! Your silly.
I-Good 1st Post.
I-He's looking for amusement..afer reading this I share his sentiments.
I-Another Good First Post.

N-To1kien would rather have new COD4 maps than expensive hot hookers.
N-"Phist looks like he can suck a mean dick."
N-You mean you can incorporate strategies in Brawl aside from pressing two buttons at the same time? Whoah.
N-New Releases for March 30 - April 5th
N-" Doesn't it worry you that it seems dtoiders know more about your game than you do? "
N-It's like a swiss army knife of killing.
N-Sadie is a BIMBO?? Also, it's official: she has more banner changes than I do.
N-A Great DOS Emulator? Yes, please.
N-Achievements For GTA IV
R-Gran Turismo 5: Orgasm on Wheels 1st Impressions.
R-dronkmunk's take on Rainbow 6 Vegas 2.

M-I KILL PXLS is on AUDIO SURF RADIO and also on SuperStarDust HD when I play it.
M-Heretic thinks american music played on the radio is garbage, instead he likes music from people my old ass never heard of before.

L-What Guitar Atomik said.
L-Calling ALL Shitheads!! Yes, That means YOU.
R-I rarely say this but this should be in the forums.
R-Nice pics, Thornnn.
R-I don't know about that faceplate dude.
R-Ivhuro is a cheap bastard.
V-What Heretic said.
?-Buster you need help.

S-You are S L O W.
F-100% Grade A Fail.
F-Needs more things in it that don't Fail.
F-I give you fair warning: Don't click on this.
F-" I'm sorry, but I'm going to have to ask you to turn in your internet badge right away."
F-Fail Blog made easy with font color red and a paragraph about a calculator.

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