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Cblogs of 3.27.08 [ Updated ]

Greetings fellow Dtoiders. y0j1mb0 here. I took over the Cblogs Recap for tonight because Ceark's Birthday is today, so hopefully he is partying his butt off and having a blast. I don't have any witty-isms and what not, so instead you get this.

Hopefully Ceark is doing alot of what this Squirrel who looks like a Dtoid member's avatar is doing.

*-Teta's Drawings are better than yours.
*-Butmac is looking for "His Package".
*-Pay Your Respects to a Departing Destructoid Reviews Editor.

A-The Effect of MMORPG's on Gaming.
A-RPG's are Serious Business
A-The Birth of The Honey Roasted Gamer.
A-Gamerscore points and You or Why are you a Points Whore?
S-Chad's answers to The Retro Quiz for those who didn't Google them already.
S-Songs that should be in GH III & Rock Band Vol: VII.
S-Why the Hell should Rorschach play it Vol:2 Pokemon.
P-Mecha Jesus needs your ears.
P-FAILCAST Episode: Cinco.
P-Gamersledge Podcast EP:62

C- Ret Rose Tinted(Ends 3.31)
C- Cblog Xbox Scavenger Hunt (Ends 3.31)
C- that audiosurf contest (Ends 5.2)
C-Why I Need EDS's FREE Points.(Ends 4.10)
C-Binny's Stache Contest...what??
C-Rainbow Six Vegas 2 CONTEST extended.

E-Why I Need EDS's FREE Points: That's a good story..Me thinks you haven't upped Electro Lemon though.
E-Why I Need EDS's FREE Points: EDS, I think we found a WINNER here.
E-Not My Turning Point Gaming Rig
E-Not My Turning Point Gaming Rig
E-Not My Turning Point Gaming Rig
E-Not My Turning Point Gaming Rig
E-B-Radicate ULTRA MEGA SUPER indepth critique of Brawl for Rorschach Brawl Contest.

E-Summa will work for Food.
E-UK NARP TOMMOROW. Details here.
F-FNF with Agent Moo.
S-Mexicans hate Emos. Note to Cheeburger..don't go to Mexico.
S-Onomelon got Bamboozled
S-He likes Worms.
S-How to plug The Times into your post effectively.
S-Nilcam sells his PSP, subconsciously regrets it and writes a blog to justify his foolish deed.
C-5 Reasons to get GTA IV: 1- It's 2- GRAND 3- THEFT 4- AUTO 5- IV
C-Conrad go to PAX, Dude.
C-Euphoria Engine love.
C-" It can't be all about Boobies. "
C-Pixel Blue has a Bucket Fetish.
C-Why Does G4 TV SUCK? They're not TECH TV anymore
C-Toe King thinks there should be less Boobies on G4 TV. Also this just in..Toe King likes rugged Cowboys with 5 o'clock shadows and strong hands.
I-Intro Forthcoming..
I-The Greybush marries his Sixth wife!!
C-wobblefunk needs to drink Decaf Coffee. Relax, man.
C-Remember when originality mattered...Even in blogs?
C-Another Apple Sighting.

N-Geoff loves him some 50 cent.
N-Luc loves him some 50 cent.
N-Copyright tries to act like he doesn't get high & plays Rez.
N-Power Glove bringing the Aerosmith News.
N-Euro Virtual Console week 13: Commodore 64.
NArmored Core: No Answers Demo on Japanese PSN. Also Pedrovay wants to get raped in UT III by Sadistic
N-Battlefield Bad Company beta impressions
N-jkh13's post of upcoming Dawn of War 2 makes Butmac have an orgasm.
N-TF2 Update.
N-Soul Caliber IV screens hot off the presses.
N-More FREE new maps for PS3 UT3 from Epic? Yes, please.
N-Warhawk Blue Light Download Special: Only 29.99 for a limited time!!
N-Super Metroid Redesign Gogo.
N-Penny Arcade wants to laugh all the way to the bank with stupid people's money..Haha.
V-Like Big Breasted Nazi women in games? You're in luck.
R-Trev reviews Dark Sector with Spoilers and doesn't bother to tell people that. Also he spoils Uncharted, Resident Evil 4, and Heavenly Sword.
R-BlindsideDork reviews an obscure Wii game.
R-Whiteboy fantasizes being Xena: Princess Warrior with a Glaive.
T-jdub can't beat Sonic 3. Bwahaha!..Oh wait, I didn't either.
T-Revolt ponders about a future game that he hasn't played yet, and asserts that he wont like it.
T-How to Improve Reviews? Take opinions out.

F-DryvBy thinks There Will Be Blood is garbage.
F-ZeeJayTL is actually surprised a movie directed by Steve Minor was drivel..Haha.
M-Frezzepop Q & A: Help!
L-Dontcha wish your girlfriend was Hot like me? Dontcha wish your girlfriend worked for Game Informer like me? Dontcha?
A-Item Forty doing his thing. Sweet Drawing.
A-Skribble's Sweet Drawings. Damn we have alot of talented artists in Destructoid!

L- Workman spelled "dibs" wrong ... hence Ted Wins.
L-You may not want to admit it, but there are laughs in there.Especially the chick in the video who looks stoned.
R-Stupid is, as Stupid does.
R-Sadistic's Rape Day.
R-When is a 360 not a 360? This is too easy..I'll pass on the answer.
V-Heretic: George Carlin saved your post from Fail.
V-South Park Episode
V-Don't click on this. I give you fair warning.
?-Maybe it's just me..but I don't get the point of this.
?-Sometimes things happen that knock you on your six....this isn't one of them.
?-Shyguys? I don't get it..maybe you will.
?-" At leat I'm not as arrogant as they are "
?-You mean you actually can use a Dpad on the PC...Whoah.
?-Kapkomi got gipped a stylus by Gamestop.
?-FF XI on the PS3?? Help!

S-What Tragic Hero said.
S-You Sir, are officially S L O W.
S-Three letter word for rehashed news? Anyone?
S-Like John McCain this is older than dirt.
S-Someone beat you to the punch like 3posts ago Homie.
S-Read the John McCain title..it applies here too.
S-Your late..your late..
F-If you want to subject your worst enemy to cruel & inhumane torture make him read this blog.
F-Fail Basics 101: Do this.
F-You are now Entering..The VAGINA Zone.
F-Warning: Little to no content here.
F-No thanks. I'll take out instead.

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