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Cblogs of 04.27.08

In case you haven't figured it out yet, I am not Sadie, the usual Cblogger Recapper Extraordinaire for Sundays. Unfortunately Sadie is in the county jail for a scuffle with some hot lesbians at a club last night, so I am here to fill in for her as best as I can. Sadie should be up and about by next Sunday's recap, that is if she makes bail. Or she's having issues with her Internet at home. I'll let you decide which tale you want to believe and subscribe to..

*-unstoppablejuggernaut finally finds out what those weird burns around his crotch that mysteriosly appear mean!

A-Nick aint waiting for the Metal Gear Beta to download.
M-Hamza must hate the new unshaven look.. this didn't get frontpaged.
S-MOOnday #8!! Download this cool ass game people!!
S-Downloadable Game Mini Reflections...BTW: Pokemon Snap was torture incarnate.

C- Ret Rose Tinted(Ends 3.31)
C- Cblog Xbox Scavenger Hunt (Ends 3.31)
C- WEEK TEN!! (Ends 5.2)
W-njyskora Is the Winner. Also, Maximus Paynicus has sexual relations with the Star Trek Font.

S-U.K. Newspaper is owned by a bunch of wankers.
C-Five Suggestions to improve Destructoid. #3 would be cool if implemented.
C-Sunday Blues.
I-Not very meaty indeed.
I-Unzipped intro.
I-Hey Stupid..you can't have an underscore in your name.

N-Lark killed Ventrilo.
V-Crysis Engine + Legos = Groovy.
V-Chief Oreo, Take this!
V-Care to see a shitload of GTA IV Videos? If so, Sam's got you covered.
V-WOW Video.
R-Why Are These People Not Taking Any Damage? Good Question.
R-Nice Preview of Rondo of Swords, aside from skipping the storyline that is.
R-Your Mystical Quest Begins.
R-People play games on their Cell Phones? Well I'll be.
T-HA HA!! You SUCK at ikaruga!!

F-Mitchell & Webb = Lol.
F-The Whitest Kids + Bowser Advertising Pot Tattoo.

R-Reaprar is right..Forums are that way.
R-Unzipped here needs attention..make sure you give him some.
V-Cool Paper Mario Video.
C-Don't you need to write a paper?
?-I don't get this guy.

F-Otaku USA Magazine issue #6: ... ZZzzz...What?

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