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A GLORIOUS 1080p, 8 player Online Game for Twenty Bucks? Yes, Please!!


At the end of this month, just prior to the avalanche of great games coming in October, this beast of a game is being thrust your way courtesy of Liverpool Studios. All I have to say is God bless their little hearts as this game looks to continue Sony's recent trend of great downloadable games through their PSN. From Pixeljunk's Eden, Sony's own The Last Guy, the episodic Siren and now WipEout HD, it's not a stretch to say PSN has found its stride, and it's about time.

In less than three weeks time, you will be able to download an 8 player online game for a mere twenty bucks. Twenty bucks for a game that has 8 tracks, 16 if you count the reverse variants of each, Trophy support, specifically 39 of them, a screen capture/photo mode, the ability to change your in game music, voice chat and did I mention that it's 1080p running at a blistering 60 fps ?? For twenty bucks?? Are you kidding me??

The best part about it is that this isn't even a true sequel to the last WipEout, just a highly polished version of the PSP's Pure & Pulse versions. The tracks themselves are six from WipEout Pure and two from WipEout Pulse. The true sequel, they are working on as we speak. I can't even imagine how that game will look considering this re imagining and its graphics will make your eyeballs have an orgasm. Here's just a trailer, a taste of the game through You Tube, so imagine this in HD. *shudders*

There are far too many games coming out at this time. I'm seriously going to be broke or close to it with Christmas around the corner. But if any game needs to be added to your collection aside from Little Big Planet it's this game.

I'm hoping I'm not the only WipEout fanatic as I'm dying to be racing at the speed of light, all the while quake bombing fools left and right. I fucking LOVE WipEout! Heads up: This will be making the rotation in our PS3 Friday Night Fights. Count on it.

I can't wait to roll with this game. And for this price... neither should you.
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