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On the illiteracy of video game experts

It was a dream come true; one of the most stimulating podcasts out there, Neil DeGrasse Tyson's startalk was going to discuss the science of video games. What's more, Will Wright was one of the guests! I wasn't expecting to learn much fro...


Next-Gen : Shackles of X

-Yesterday- Once upon a time, starting up a game was a simple task; you placed the cartridge into the machine, pressed Power and pushed a button on the controller to get started. That's all there was to it. -Today- I have a Wii, which...


Villains : The Guardian (Ultima series)

I remember spending the entirety of 1992's Christmas eve staring at a black box labeled 'Ultima VII : The Black Gate' Upon unwrapping this gift, I found myself completely ignoring the other party guests, entranced by this mysterious artifa...


The Binding of Isaac : Review

5.38$ That's what it cost me to obtain The Binding of Isaac as well as its excellent soundtrack in digital format via the Steam download service. In this day of 99 cents apps and 69 dollars blockbusters, the 5 bucks it cost me seems to be ...


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