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For the lovely Collette Bennett

Happy Birth Day Colette! This goes for all the times you've been on a plane, for the retro gaming goodness for being the cutest vinyl toy lover I've ever known and just for being a very important part of this great community. On a very pe...


Those about to die: Lessons Learned

"Everything chances, nothing stay the same. Every friend betrays me, sooner or later, and every enemy becomes a lover or a friend, but that's the one thing that doesn't change: I don't ever give up, I can't give up" ...


Those about to die: You're doing it wrong.

The Metal Gear Solid series is beloved for its great boss battles among other things. In my case there�s one particular battle a death so epic that I�ve come to consider it my favorite mistake. Scariest Old Man in videogames Snake Eater ...


Rise of the Robot

Well. Last night I was browsing the site when I realized one thing. I really love Destructoid. Let me tell you all some stories. I�m a G1. This means I visit Screwattack.com on the fairly regular basis and have an account on the site. S...


10 probably useless facts about Xhumation

1.- I'm a psychologist and for the first two years of my professional life I was tasked with preparing occupational therapy for patients for patients of said hospital. I was in touch with some pretty interesting personalities and I manag...


About Xhumationone of us since 5:09 PM on 07.25.2008

My name is..well it isn't but I'm going by Xhumation in this board.

I am a psychologist who happens to enjoy gaming a lot.

Fighting games, a solid story these are things that just make my day.

I've always wondered how playing games since the age of 4 has influenced my personality but I'd rather not think too hard about that.