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Finally dug into Sekiro last night. Son of a bitch, being a Soulsborne vet I honestly didn't not expect to get my ass kicked this hard. I finally beat Juzou the Drunkard last night, but he beat my ass at LEAST a solid dozen times first.


New angle footage of the most exciting goddamned competitive gaming event to have ever happened. Still gives me goosebumps. And love this new, much better quality cam with some great commentary! https://twitter.com/MarkMan23/status/11160728312284364


New angle footage of the most exciting goddamned competitive gaming event to have ever happened. Still gives me goosebumps. And love this new, much better quality cam with some great commentary! https://twitter.com/MarkMan23/status/11160728312284364


Well,that grind for Pestilence paid off last night in the Dark Zone in Division 2! Twice in fact, got two of them to drop almost back to back and gave one to my friend who I was there with. BUT,the gun is fucking TRASH. I mean maybe the worst in the game!


Trying to get the "Pestilence" exotic gun in Division 2's Dark Zone while in World Tier 5 is no fucking joke. It's pure chaos. I think I love the grind though.


So it seems that Puppet Combo games is finally getting some attention to his awesome retro horror style of games with his latest, The Glass Staircase. Been following his work for years, I LOVE his stuff. Most especially the Slasher type stuff.


I post a lot of music on here, but I haven't talked about Death in a while. Still one of, if not THE finest death metal album ever produced.


Well that was fun. Had to write an in-depth review for a recently seen movie for my English/Writing class. Chose Lords of Chaos. I'm sure the class is really going to enjoy this submission!


There was a time when I absolutely LOVED Arch Enemy. That time came long, long ago when *gasp* they didn't have a female vocalist. That band I loved long ago is back under the name Black Earth. I'm a VERY happy Xeo about it today!


One of my favorite YT channels covering one of my favorite songs from one of my favorite bands from my favorite album of theirs. Much excite!


I've been working hard the past few weeks with DDP Yoga to pull my old ass back into shape. It's beating my ass, but it's legit. It's something I'd really recommend for anyone looking to do something similar.


Oh, hell YES! I've waited a long time for this. It delivers too.


I think I can be in the shittiest mood possible and still damn near break my neck with this one. A thing of fucking beauty.


Holy shit! This new Amon Amarth song is a fucking banger! If this is any indication, this album is gonna be amazing!


Not the first time I've posted this song. But I needed to share it again, because it brings me so much joy. The sheer beauty of it's writing and instrumentation almost brings me to tears. From 2:55 forward this song moves me to the point of goosebumps.


A HUGE thank you to all of you amazing folks who have helped to raise money and spread the word for my son's fundraiser. He passed his goal today and he is elated, even though he has strep throat atm. Thank you all so much!


My son is holding a school fundraiser for blood related cancer research. He's trying to get that tshirt for $50 raised. It'd mean a lot to him if any of you folks could spare a buck! Link below in the comments! (BUMP #2)


I remember taking my driving test to this song/album. The instructor told me to put on whatever makes me comfortable. And then they gave me a "WTF" look when this kicked in. Good fucking times. I love this album so much.


Anyone else having dug into The Division 2 yet? What are your thought so far? I'm level 10 so far and it's been excellent.


Dead was such a damned good black metal vocalist. I would have really, really enjoyed Mayhem if he hadn't killed himself. Atilla completely killed the final release of De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas for me.


How is it that now in my mid-thirties I find that I'm a completely anti-social fella, but back in my teens and early 20s it was the exact opposite? I get social anxiety even just getting on a goddamned mic with someone I don't know well online now.


Been enjoying the hell out of Anthem and then I forgot that Toejam & Earl Back in the Groove came out today! Hyped as hell to play that, some serious nostalgia attached there.


Saw Lords of Chaos last night. Loved it! A few bits were over-dramatized, but other than that I really enjoyed this take on Mayhem's history. It didn't hold back on the important stuff either, like Dead's suicide or the church burnings.


I dearly love my wife. But that said, for all my single friends on here, this one goes to you.


No reason, I just fucking adore Nevermore. I'm eternally sad that there will never be any more material from them ever again.


Turning 35 tomorrow and it kind of depresses me a bit. I mean, I'm going to school now to do something with myself and I have an awesome family. But this date is always a reminded of me fucking up in the past. The ticking of mortality's clock is brutal.


Hey folks, been a bit! I've been pretty busy with school stuff. But just wanted to say hey, I'm alive. How've you all been?


Been fucking slammed this week with 2019 Spring classes. Haven't even had time to play RE2 yet. But hey, I'm here and alive. Love you shitheads, and I show my affection by sharing some new wave of traditional heavy metal.


Happy birthday, Wes. Don't think I forgot you.


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