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#ArbitraryMetalTuesday Grave Digger might be the most faithful sounding live band I've ever seen. (As in faithful to their recorded sound.)Caught them with Blind Guardian a few years ago and they were fucking killer. Hansi did this song with them live.


Any you folks still regularly play Destiny 2? I think it's time to get back on, before the next expansion. Been away since Season of the Drifter. Any primers or tips to catch me up? The last thing I did was get a Gambit Prime set and The Last Word.


Awesome. https://globalnews.ca/news/5488632/satanic-temple-canada/?fbclid=IwAR1dZ25P7erB%20


This was my first introduction to progressive metal, before I had any idea that was even a thing as a kid. Still get goosebumps hearing it to this day.


Chris got me thinking, how about it being time for another AMA? I'm bored as fuck and just sitting around today anyway. Hit me with whatever you want, I'll answer as honestly as possible. Why not one final update? (G-rated or X-rated, doesn't matter.)


Metal fans on here, what is your favorite (OLDER) metal band that you feel is at least a bit underrated? Or at the very least much less appreciated these days? EDIT: I've included my first examples in the comments.


Anyone know anywhere I can get some free 5th ED. D&D campaign templates? I need to get this shit on the road, got a fuck ton of NPCs and stuff lined up...but not backbone for my campaign and it's my first time ever DMing 5th Ed.


Current mood. One of those days. One of the really bad ones.


Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen worth it on PS4? I played this originally on PS3 and enjoyed it, but never finished it. Is the PS4 port good? Does it run well? I've got $20 on PSN and it's on sale for $18 right now. Should I pull the trigger?


HNNNG! One of my favorite extreme metal covers and possibly my favorite opening riff in the genre!


I don't like salads at all. I don't enjoy many raw vegetables and I hate dressing. This is probably why I'm fat.


Here's a classic that no one will want to listen to, but I'll share it anyway. I miss Warrel Dane something fierce, may he rest in peace.


Warrel Dane's passing hit me like a ton of bricks, and it still does to this day. He's irreplaceable. One of my favorite songs from one of his last few albums. One I've been able to relate to all too well.


You like reading through a bunch of rambling? Well if so I just finished a great blog for you! Today's been pretty good though, got my new hat in the mail and picked up Samurai Shodown and The Sinking City!


Considering writing a new blog entry. Been a while. This one would be deeply personal in regarding my discovering faith or lack thereof and how it helped to lift me out of depression and supported my sense of self worth. I worry of stepping on toes though


They don't make this stuff like they used to. I've yet to find a pure death metal band in the last decade that even comes close to Bolt Thrower. My second favorite band in the genre only behind Death.


Finished Days Gone tonight. Damned good game. One of my favorites so far in the year. Not without flaws, but certainly better than the sum of it's parts.


This is one of my favorite songs in a while. Sounds like a melodic death metal Mega Man song. Btw, this new Amon Amarth album kicks a lot of ass.


Guys, guys...it finally happened! I'm beside myself over here.


Well, today was my wife's third back surgery. It went well, and she's recovering well, just in a lot of pain. But goddamn, I'm just completely spent. Physically worn down from a week of very little sleep and mentally drained from the ordeal. Need a break.


St. Louis Blues just won their first ever Stanley Cup tonight! I'm fucking stoked! Been wanting this since I was a child in the 80's. They played some damned good hockey tonight. Binnington is one hell of a goalie!


This is the first year in...well ever I guess that I've not watched a single presser or trailer from E3. I'm not sure if it's the depression and anxiety or I just don't give a fuck anymore?


I don't even know what fucking day it is. So here's this.


Anxiety has been running wild over my ass like Hulkamania lately. Started after a bad PTSD episode a week or two back. Wife thinks maybe I should smoke with her. But I've never smoked anything, period. Tired of feeling like shit. Unsure how to proceed.


Going back to my roots with this one. Some shit I probably shouldn't have been listening to as a kid, but I loved it. What can I say?


A good friend came from out of town and gifted me my first real lock picking kit as well as a practice lock. Sure beats how I've been doing it for over a decade. Using bobby pins and practicing on my actual locks around the house. Very excited!


Days Gone scratches a very specific and strange itch for me. The feeling of gearing up in a hostile situation with whatever is around and then trying to survive on my own. It's tough to explain, but I feel it everytime I play the game. Am I a prepper?


So my wife is going int for another back surgery in about two weeks. It's a fairly minor process and the surgeon is pretty good. But my anxiety is kicking me in the mouth, and apparently hers is too. She's getting a new MRI afterwards, could lead to more.


St. Louis Blues (My home team) are kicking some serious ass this season. Haven't watched a hockey game in well, ever with my wife, but that's changed this playoff season. We both used to be big into hockey, so it's like coming full circle.


One of my favorites. I particularly love when DT explores more into the doom metal side of themselves. Fiction was an absolute masterpiece, I still give it several spins even 12 years later.


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