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To anyone and everyone who has extended their reach and well wishes to help my family and I, my wife and I want to take a moment to thank you. I'll update more below.


Is anyone else having issues with private messages not going through on here? I seem to have sent one to both indigit4l and Occams (I believe) that didn't go through. Possibly more, as I don't know who's been getting anything I sent period.


You guys have been wonderful to me and my family. I want to thank you all for being there. We're not doing so well atm, and I guess this is my coming here to ask for help. Swallowing pride, to be blunt things aren't great. (More in comments below)


I sometimes just feel like my life at this time of year in general is #Cursedmas. So no need for fancy images. Just gaze upon the washed up tide of my existence and know the truth. What you see is what you get, no gimmicks, no imitations.


How's Code Vein feel in comparison to the Souls games, or even Nioh? I'm considering trading in The Outer Worlds for it while it's on sale. (Outer Worlds has not grabbed me, like I hoped it would.)


My son's had some sort of flu. My stomach has been feeling like absolute trash today, but it could be completely unrelated, as it's not uncommon for me. Feeling genuinely pretty goddamn down lately. Kinda just wanted to vent I guess. More in comments.


My wife's back surgery was this morning. She's fine, the surgery went better than expected, according to the surgeon. She's recovering now and has even regained some feeling in her right foot toes. UPDATE in the comments.


Losing my head a bit today. Got finals eating away at my sanity, my wife's going in for Surgery Friday morning, bills are stacking again, and...My goddamn PS+ expires in a few days, so I can't even escape from madness there. I need a break.


Pokemon Sword has been an absolute blast for me and my family. Our switch hasn't seen this much action in well, ever. We're constantly having to rotate play sessions in shifts. I haven't enjoyed a game in this series this much in years.


Hey, I know this a really dumb question. But any of you folks have any codes from Pizza Roll bags with the Modern Warfare thing on it? I'm missing two, and the last one I bought someone apparently stole. Figured I'd ask on here.


It's a progressive metal kinda day today. Needing something to hopefully pull me through some stress.


Finished up another Gloomhaven session tonight. This game is so goddamned good. Well worth the money I spent on it last year. Playing as a Scoundrel in a party with a Mindthief, Spellweaver, and Cragheart.


NeoTurbo, happy birthday buddy.


It unfortunately didn't make it up before Halloween as originally planned, but I posted my first blog in a good while that details Puppet Combo and his unique brand of indy horror games.


Anyone wanna AMA? I'm bored as fuck, because I can't really do much of anything. You can even feel free to ask the hard questions, I don't care.


Happy birthday, Flanx. I love ya, buddy.


Son of a bitch. Tore my Achilles Tendon while trying to get back into shape. So much for that. Hurts like a son of a bitch and also, fuck crutches.


Any PuppetCombo fans on here? Thinking about doing a strange little blog about his games. I've been a fan since Babysitter Bloodbath, and feel he's underrated and underappreciated for what he offers to the horror gaming scene.


This song...seriously made me cry to read the lyrics. It hit me in a spot so goddamned hard that it made me physically weep. As I've watch my wife's health slowly deteriorate this past year...I feel this song's message so much it hurts. Beautiful.


Revisiting an old favorite of mine today.


The campaign in Modern Warfare was surprisingly very entertaining. I liked it a lot more than I thought I would. Digging the game as a whole.


First impressions of The Outer Worlds. Game is great so far, it's addictive. BUT, I HATE the way it looks. The absolute over-saturation of everything. Humanoid enemies blend into the environment too well, and I regularly lose their corpses on the ground.


Goddamn, RiffRaff, you weren't kidding about this one. INCREDIBLE album! Possibly the best of 2019 so far for me.


"At the dawn of a quiet day,I strolled from the woods, returned to the hearth. And with a restful mind I roamed The dreary shores, the darkling wilds. Greeting all the days that befall. Taking life as it comes."


I finally got my Monte Carlo to drop in D2 last night! My Titan is so goddamned happy right now. This is one of my absolute favorite D1 weapons and it's better shape than it ever was now in D2. Monte Carlo + Striker Titan = Infinite Shoulder Charge kills!


Today I'm going back to remember a time when In Flames was still a legitimate melodic death metal band and not a shitty pop rock/emo thing. I miss those times. They fucking killed it that night on stage in 2004.


Happy birthday, Mike. I hope things are going well for you. You're one of the best of us.


Well guys, that Moon's haunted. So I'm gonna be busy.


Hahaha! Never thought I'd see a video game where your health bar is a titty tattoo! Fucking brilliant!


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