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Got a small haul in the mail today! This one showed up early, and I found it at a decent price too. More included that wasn't as decently priced.


I don't have it here yet for #ToyThursday, but I went ahead and paid too much for this. Should be here in the next few days.


You guys seen this yet? Brilliant! (The GTAV voice actors recreating this scene in real life. NSFW language, of course.)


My wife is spectacular! This comes after picking up Krang's body for me last week.


Fuck all the negative nonsense. Here's to video games and good friends! Here's my Cyberpunk 2077 character, what does yours look like? Or any other cool character you've created from any game, share it, I don't care!


Say whatever you want about Cyberpunk, but I love this big ol' cuddly bastard. He's one of my favorite video games characters from the past few years. My favorite choom.


My son's Christmas gift from grandma. Thing's super cool.


Goddammmit...Rest in peace, Alexi Laiho. Another one of my favorites, gone way too soon.


Happy birthday, Soulbow, but my old choom. I struggled to think what picture I could put here for you that wouldn't get me banned. So here's this, my brother in arms and cultured connoisseur of big titties. Happy birthday, buddy.


In retrospect when thinking about my GotY list for 2020 it made me realize how damned good one of the later boss fights of TLoU2 was. I'll discuss more below, but beware of spoilers!


Merry Christmas Destructoid, I love you folks. This has been one of the worst years of my life, and I'm very thankful to be a part of this community and have had it made more bearable. I know I can be an asshole sometimes, thanks for being there for me.


I was informed today that my wife's grandmother, whom we just visited this past weekend is in the hospital with Covid. This is really, really bad news and I'm so depressed I can hardly blink. More below, a bit of a rant I guess.


So here's some #thrashmetalthursday for you because I'll be too busy to post it tomorrow. I remember when this album came out, it blew my balls off. What a banger this one is!


Apparently I put so little time into my Switch this year that I only had three games on my hours played list. They are in order... 1: Animal Crossing: New Horizons 2: Axiom Verge 3: Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen


Russell Adler is the best Call of Duty character in a long, long time. I would have happily played an entire 20ish hour campaign starring him. Cold War's story was legitimately great, just wish there was more!


Here's this list as well.


Here's mine, but with the caveat that there's a few that I didn't get to play that I'd like to, like Yakuza: LaD, and the 2D version of Dragon Quest XI. Runner up that didn't quite make the cut for me is Carrion.


Anyone want or need a coupon code for GoG for Konami games? I got an email with one and I'll never use it. Expires in like 2 days apparently. If you're interested let me know.


I'm gonna be completely honest here. I'm absolutely fed up with everything involving video games online having to be an issue, a hot button topic, or some controversy. Can't anyone just enjoy video games anymore without bowing to some bullshit? More below


Apparently buying Yakuza 7 while it was on sale tipped my Sony Rewards over into enough points to buy some PSN credit. Pleasant surprise this morning. Given this $10 credit, I essentially paid the Amazon price for the physical Yakuza 7 sale that ended.


I've been enjoying the absolute fuck out of Cyberpunk. This is precisely why I don't get caught up in the hyperbole of the internet and instead insist on trying things for myself before making a decision. It paid off in spade in this case.


This may not apply to someone who doesn't play Call of Duty, but it may give a much more insightful view on why those of us who do have been frustrated with the more recent SMBB (Skill-Based Match Making) systems put into place the past few years.


It took 4-5 character creation attempts, but I think I've finally locked down the character I'll play in Cyberpunk. The last one lasted me about 5 hours before I decided I didn't like the way she looked in the end.


As someone who spends hours on character creation, Cyberpunk has me wrecked. So many options. I don't even know what to do.


After exhausting all of the ending/options in Black Ops Cold War's campaign, I can safely say that in my opinion, it's the best in the series. It's not ground-breaking, but it was certainly entertaining. Nice twist with some impactful choices to be made.


Gave Godfall a good try. It's not bad, but it is mediocre. Bought it pre-owned for that reason, knowing I could return it. Instead I picked up Immortals Fenyx Rising, and wow, this game is a LOT of fun. Zelda BotW meets Assassin's Creed. 5 hours vanished!


So, tried Godfall tonight. I understand the game is lacking in end-game content. But knowing that it's a 20ish hour game, based solely on the few hours I've played, I don't understand the problem with it. Already better than Avengers in my eyes.


Are there any more modern death metal bands around that sound like these guys? I miss that oldschool "Death" sound. I know Obituary is still going, and they scratch the itch. But anyone else? So many new death metal bands I find stray away from it anymore


It's 2020, and I'm still not over how goddamned excellent "Heart Like A Grave" was from Insomnium in 2019. Seriously up there as one of my favorites of all time. But this year there is new Dark Tranquillity. And it's a bright spot in a bleak year.


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