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Guys, guys...it finally happened! I'm beside myself over here.


Well, today was my wife's third back surgery. It went well, and she's recovering well, just in a lot of pain. But goddamn, I'm just completely spent. Physically worn down from a week of very little sleep and mentally drained from the ordeal. Need a break.


St. Louis Blues just won their first ever Stanley Cup tonight! I'm fucking stoked! Been wanting this since I was a child in the 80's. They played some damned good hockey tonight. Binnington is one hell of a goalie!


This is the first year in...well ever I guess that I've not watched a single presser or trailer from E3. I'm not sure if it's the depression and anxiety or I just don't give a fuck anymore?


I don't even know what fucking day it is. So here's this.


Anxiety has been running wild over my ass like Hulkamania lately. Started after a bad PTSD episode a week or two back. Wife thinks maybe I should smoke with her. But I've never smoked anything, period. Tired of feeling like shit. Unsure how to proceed.


Going back to my roots with this one. Some shit I probably shouldn't have been listening to as a kid, but I loved it. What can I say?


A good friend came from out of town and gifted me my first real lock picking kit as well as a practice lock. Sure beats how I've been doing it for over a decade. Using bobby pins and practicing on my actual locks around the house. Very excited!


Days Gone scratches a very specific and strange itch for me. The feeling of gearing up in a hostile situation with whatever is around and then trying to survive on my own. It's tough to explain, but I feel it everytime I play the game. Am I a prepper?


So my wife is going int for another back surgery in about two weeks. It's a fairly minor process and the surgeon is pretty good. But my anxiety is kicking me in the mouth, and apparently hers is too. She's getting a new MRI afterwards, could lead to more.


St. Louis Blues (My home team) are kicking some serious ass this season. Haven't watched a hockey game in well, ever with my wife, but that's changed this playoff season. We both used to be big into hockey, so it's like coming full circle.


One of my favorites. I particularly love when DT explores more into the doom metal side of themselves. Fiction was an absolute masterpiece, I still give it several spins even 12 years later.


My beautiful wife! She told me I could share it, I'm not creeping.


Been through a kind of dark spot lately. Hadn't been around as much as a result. Things are fine now, and I wanted to take this time to check in and just to express my utmost appreciation of my wife, Christine. My sun and moon in my darkest hours.


As I'm progressing further into Sekiro, I have to say that I'm REALLY enjoying this. Gameplay wise this is hands down the best From game to date. The combat is so satisfying. There have been some amazing encounters and set pieces as well. Bravo.


Finally dug into Sekiro last night. Son of a bitch, being a Soulsborne vet I honestly didn't not expect to get my ass kicked this hard. I finally beat Juzou the Drunkard last night, but he beat my ass at LEAST a solid dozen times first.


New angle footage of the most exciting goddamned competitive gaming event to have ever happened. Still gives me goosebumps. And love this new, much better quality cam with some great commentary! https://twitter.com/MarkMan23/status/11160728312284364


New angle footage of the most exciting goddamned competitive gaming event to have ever happened. Still gives me goosebumps. And love this new, much better quality cam with some great commentary! https://twitter.com/MarkMan23/status/11160728312284364


Well,that grind for Pestilence paid off last night in the Dark Zone in Division 2! Twice in fact, got two of them to drop almost back to back and gave one to my friend who I was there with. BUT,the gun is fucking TRASH. I mean maybe the worst in the game!


Trying to get the "Pestilence" exotic gun in Division 2's Dark Zone while in World Tier 5 is no fucking joke. It's pure chaos. I think I love the grind though.


So it seems that Puppet Combo games is finally getting some attention to his awesome retro horror style of games with his latest, The Glass Staircase. Been following his work for years, I LOVE his stuff. Most especially the Slasher type stuff.


I post a lot of music on here, but I haven't talked about Death in a while. Still one of, if not THE finest death metal album ever produced.


Well that was fun. Had to write an in-depth review for a recently seen movie for my English/Writing class. Chose Lords of Chaos. I'm sure the class is really going to enjoy this submission!


There was a time when I absolutely LOVED Arch Enemy. That time came long, long ago when *gasp* they didn't have a female vocalist. That band I loved long ago is back under the name Black Earth. I'm a VERY happy Xeo about it today!


One of my favorite YT channels covering one of my favorite songs from one of my favorite bands from my favorite album of theirs. Much excite!


I've been working hard the past few weeks with DDP Yoga to pull my old ass back into shape. It's beating my ass, but it's legit. It's something I'd really recommend for anyone looking to do something similar.


Oh, hell YES! I've waited a long time for this. It delivers too.


I think I can be in the shittiest mood possible and still damn near break my neck with this one. A thing of fucking beauty.


Holy shit! This new Amon Amarth song is a fucking banger! If this is any indication, this album is gonna be amazing!


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