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I think I'm gonna try to do some online college. Looking into game design and it seems one of my more local schools, Lindenwood University has a pretty nice program. Anyone have any experience with something similar, or this university in particular?


That Farcry 5 ending, goddamn. I enjoyed the game a lot!


Life gets rough, but the metal never lets me down! How about some historical metal on this #WednesdayNightMetal?


My world is starting to feel like it's slipping towards the verge of collapse again. I'm trying really hard to stay positive. My wife's health has been on the decline for a bit now and I've maintained a strong back for her to lean on. Got me pretty low.


Anyone work from home here? Any tips on how to start, or WHERE to get started? I stay at home with my son and only work on weekends, but it's not enough and the possibility of my wife having to take disability could become reality soon. So stressed out.


Some strange shit is going on over at Amazon. All PS4 games and stuff are gone, can't even order PSN codes. Did Sony end their partnership with Amazon? What the hell is going on?


Well, my wife may have found the answer to her near constant pain, even after multiple back surgeries. There's a strong possibility she has rheumatoid arthritis, or at least the beginnings of it. She can't catch a goddamned break...


Any Hap and Leonard fans here by chance? I found out today I won a contest and got an advanced, uncorrected review copy of the new book "JackRabbit Smile" in the mail today! Excited as hell. Joe R. Lansdale is my favorite modern author.


I didn't forget #thashmetalthursday! Here's a classic with the rare female metal vocalist! From my hometown state no less.


I love discovering new metal! I found this gem and realized I was -3 years old when it released in 1981. This was some heavy duty stuff for that time! Metal was starting to be overran by hair metal, this had to have crushed!


I had no idea Owlboy was coming to console today. I wish it would have hit a month or two back when I had free money. Son of a bitch. Has anyone picked it up, is the port good?


#melodicmetalmondays! This is my favorite Sonata Arctica track since Unia. It's the first time in several albums I feel the band has sounded like the one I once fell in love with in highschool.


When I started dating my wife we lived hours away and only saw each other one night a week. Even after we married we still didn't live together for months due to a financial issue. 15 years later, we've made it through somehow. This song means a lot to us


Started up A Way Out with my brother last night, we had a great time! Hopefully we'll finish it in another sitting or two since we have Far Cry 5 to tend to.


Been playing The Surge recently...and about 20 hours in I'll say that I'm sorry I didn't sooner. This is so far shaping up to be a real 2017 sleeper hit for me. Very pleasantly surprised so far.


Anyone decide to pick up, or considering picking up Titan Quest for PS4? I'm curious how the port is. I loved that game back in the day, and I need a good hack and slash fix on PS4 since I finished Victor Vran.


Man...I have pretty severe hand eczema. My hand is infected and it's hard to do a lot. Need a new dermatologist and my wife thinks I may need to look into disability. It's of course my dominant hand...


Any played through The Surge? Is it worth grabbing the Complete Edition on the PSN sale for $30? For that matter the same can be asked of Ghost Recon: Wildlands Gold Edition for $40. Worth it?


#Arbitrarymetaltuesday Seeing this one live was a highlight in my many years of concert going. One of my absolute favorites. The chorus creates a brutally breathtaking atmosphere live.


Well, I was lucky enough to secure a Solaire Amiibo last night and then decided to press my luck and went to the casino with my wife. Put $0.30 into a slot machine and won $216. NOT BAD!


How I spent this past Thursday night.


Got my new gaming laptop today! Massive upgrade from my old GTX 570 desktop.


Wife and I just got back from out of town to see Sabaton and Kreator live. Show kicked ass! First show of 2018 for us.


#ArbitraryMetalTuesday! My favorite modern thrash band, by far. Carlos Cruz's drumming on this album/song is near perfection.


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