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The Overwatch Double Standard.

Today we're gonna compare Overwatch to a game. Not Battleborn, that's been done to death, this is a game even more far removed than those two. (Let's be honest, if you've played both of those games they're really not very similar at al...



Foreward: Knocking is a short story (a creepypasta if you'd prefer) I wrote based solely on a dream, or rather a nightmare I had. One of the few I've had in any recent years that had me actually waking with a jumping start and in ...


Heavy Metal Haymaker

I've talked much on here about my love for heavy metal, a love that's actually even greater for my love of video games. See, I've played video games since the late 80's nonstop, and I guess it IS my main hobby. However heavy metal is the ho...


Xeo's Top 10 of 2015!

Wow, what a year for gamers 2015 was! Lots of great games. While far from the best year for me personally, I still enjoyed many awesome games. So enough of this, let's get right down to it. Now, unfortunately I'm not rich and can't play eve...


Re: Clanging bells. Thick incense. much blood. The sound of dogs, drunk on death, ring in my ears. Men sweat in their rags, clutching their heads, crying soundlessly. I stand on the rain-slick precipice of darkness and take a step into the abys


Borderlands: A Love/Hate Relationship

Allow me to start this by saying, that if you know me, you know I loathe Randy Pitchford. He's a scumbag, shirks blame for anything and more. I won't rant about him for an hour here, but I strongly dislike him. So his studio/company Gearbox...


Dust the Gloves Off

I watched the Capcom Cup finals with my wife and some good friends this past weekend through a stiff migraine. It was still a good time and pretty exciting. More so considering this was probably the last major event to be headlined by Stree...


The entitled gamer.

The recent "controversy" of Square-Enix announcing that the Final Fantasy VII Remake is going to end up being multiple parts has sparked this blog entry. I won't get into why I'm ok with this announcement and just say I'll reserve anything ...


Star Wars: Battlefront Beta Discussion

Gaming Discussion time. This time I'm gonna be covering the Star Wars: Battlefront beta I know it's actually a lot to ask for, but I was really hoping that EA/DICE would treat this more like the CoD Black Ops 3 beta and trickle out more ...


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