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Decisions, Decisions!

I finally broke down and bought a PSP (Not -just- for Crisis Core, I swear). However, with my limited budget, and the fact I love instant gratification, I bought a used PSP, that was in excellent condition. Except... For you know. The most...


Unbeat games

I was thinking, a few days ago, about the immense amount of games that I've never beat. Sure. The number started small, and tiny, but slowly it grew. I still haven't beat: A Single Final Fantasy- 7, 8, 9, 10, 10-2 Neither of the Disgaea- W...



So.... When I went to go get my taxes filed, I had some time, stopped in at Gamestop. They're having a nifty little thing, where if I trade in my gameboySP, a new DS is only $99 (:o!), and if I trade in BOTH my SP, -and- my current DSlite (...


Internets serious business

Why is it people insist on starting fights over the internet? It makes absolutely no sense- especially when you're playing a game. Everythings nice and dandy, and all of a sudden, someone says something smart mouthed, bound to set -somebo...


It's female, lets commence harrasment

So, I was wearing this shirt. I go to community college, where, downstairs in the cyber cafe, we have an assortment of gamers. Ranging from the crackaddicted yugioh players, to the wow nerds, to the "lemme kick your ass, I love violent vide...


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