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Huge Thank You to Destructoid and Roccat

I wish to thank the members of Destructoid, this wonderful community, and ROCCAT. (Shout out to Andy Dixon for keeping great contact with me). Thank you all from the bottom of my heart. This means a lot to me after this last year and it means so much to me that I was honored and chosen as a winner.


In the picture is my Creative Sound Blaster Silencer headset. One of the earpieces have been broke for a very long time and sometimes still play sound. I kept it together with rubber cement and shoestrings to at least get some good gaming out of them. My mouse is a Razer Diamondback I've had for over 6+ years. The clear plastic on it isn't even clear anymore. It's a medium shade of green/yellow. The left click is even rubbed away to show how much gaming I do on my computer. My keyboard is a Saitek Eclipse FIRST generation and got it at the same time as my mouse. The WASD keys are faded. And my mousepad is the newest thing of them all from my WoW Collector's Edition that my Ex bought me.


I thought it would be great to share how much you guys are truthfully helping me out. I miss my ex-girlfriend and I will always love her. And as I rebuild my life, the one thing that keeps joy and happiness is my computer. I am a huge PC gamer and I play a lot of games on Steam. It's my lifeline to speaking to people, and it means a ton to me so much that you guys are helping me out. I cannot thank you guys enough for choosing me. It means a lot and knowing that I will use my new full ROCCAT set until they day they all die.
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