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I heart L4D - My Imaginary Boss

Been playing left4Dead pretty damn hardcore lately. I've made up this boss i think would genuinley add alot of new gameplay elements and elements of suspence to L4D, to all who play; read on...

The Daddy/Puppet Master (undecided)

Special Ability:
An infected that can raise any corpse with impaired movement and half HP (tank, witch, normal infected etc.)

The Daddy/Puppet master is not much different to a regular looking infected, although they’re stomach must be very oversized. His stomach is huge in proportion to the rest of his body.

He is very fat for a reason. When killed, the puppet master explodes only to release dozens of infectious “worms” that were lying dormant in his “womb” in his massive oversized stomach.

The worms have little HP, maybe as much as a normal infected or less, But the worms have the unique ability to enter the corpse of ANY dead infected and re-animate them with about half the HP as usual, also the re-animated do not move as usual, they move a lot slower than when they were “alive” almost limping or crawling towards the survivors.

I chose the name “Puppet master” not just because of his ability to revive undead corpses, but also because he could have some of the worms protruding out of his back and shoulders kind of like Puppet Strings. The name “The Daddy” comes from him giving “birth” to these worm-like parasites from his big oversized stomach.

I think this can lead to some really awesome in-game moments. E.g. you’ve just been confronted by the horde and a tank, let’s say the horde also alerted a witch. Now, after you’ve killed all the infected you think your safe only to realize that The Daddy/Puppet Master has just walked around the corner… You need to take him down before he gets close enough to infected corpses so that his worms can bring them back to life.

If you notice and kill him before he is close enough to corpses, you will also have enough time to kill the “worms” before they can reach any corpses.

Let’s say when he’s killed he releases around 15 worms from his gut or “womb”. These worms could enter the corpse of a dead tank and revive him with half hp but he can only limp (maybe just movement speed reduced by 50% or something) and is also not as strong as before, as his body has already been destroyed by the survivors but the parasitic worm is just controlling his corpse like a puppet.

So you’ve killed the witch, tank and the horde, only to notice the daddy/puppet master walking around the corner, you kill him but his worms manage to re-animate the witch, tank and a few of the horde. I think this could work very well and add a new element to boss infected.

Please comment on whether you think this’ll be a good idea or not!
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