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A Post-Introduction Introduction


Hello, Destructoid Blogging Community!

I don't really know the first thing about blogging. I've tried it a couple times and every time I got lazy and decided it wasn't worth my time. But y'know what, I'm tired of not having an internet presence!

I don't terribly know what I will blog about here yet (I already posted my review for DA2, although that was sort of a quick-and-dirty copypasta job and now that I think about it doing that was kinda crumby). You will probably find personal thoughts on games and all sorts of miscellaneous quips and queries about the industry.

Some stuff to know about me?
- I play a Protection Warrior in WoW. His name is Toast and I have been playing that game for way too long but the people I play it with are worth staying around for.
- I am a shameless Valve fanboy. Conversely, I do not approve of the actions of one Bobby Kotick.
- I am a friendly individual! I try not to make many enemies, but such things happen. If you consider yourself my enemy, I apologize for whatever it is I did! Unless we're talking about land wars. That was intentional.
- I cannot think of what else to say.

Thanks for reading!
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About Wsterfuryone of us since 8:18 PM on 08.15.2010

Hello everybody!

My name is Dylan Sabin, and I am here to write things about video games.

I'm a contributing author over at No Worries Gaming (, and in addition to the many articles and reviews I've posted over there, I'm involved with the weekly podcast "No Worries Weekly"! It's a nice little 50-60 minute show that gets down to some rousing discussion about different topics that pop up in the industry.

I like to write, read, sing and act; I'm a bit of a gamer as well, although I will say I much prefer PC gaming over the console equivalents. I don't think Microsoft is utilizing Kinect as much as they should and I'm pretty sure Sony is doing the same with Move.
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