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RIP :(

I had sent this as a tip and also figured it would have already popped up by now but maybe it's not as important as I had thought to everyone (IE non achievement whores) I really have nothing to add to the story he does a pretty good job a...


Put on your radiation suits boys...

Cus I just got my first nuke in COD (PC) :) I had never really cared about nuke until I actually got enough kills and didn't have it equipped. I used to have UAV, Harrier, and Pave low and was happy with that. But now I changed it to Har...


Well, It's official, xbox wins.

So I never though it would happen... but the other day.... it did So I went over to my friends house the other day because he just got a new ps3 and wanted me to try out LBP so I went over there. Now, before I go on... let me say i used ...


Frogger is stupid.

So I just got a new cell phone the other day and it came with a free demo of Frogger. I had never really gotten into it but I was bored so I started to play it. This game sucks. It makes absolutely no sense you play as a frog that dies wh...


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