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The internet is stealing my dignity

I just spent the past hour making this crap, I could have done it faster but the only program I have is ms paint. Great, in the end though, totally worth it. What do you guys think? Have I stumbled on the radical audience changing scheme of...


In support of the death penalty

(In which Wootex talks about the lack of death in Bioshock and what that means for the game). In the incredibly engaging world of Bioshock, death is a complete impossibility. No matter how many times you get drilled by a Big Daddy or step ...


Isn't five half of ten?

(I wrote this stuff for Gamespot, but I'd love to hear some responces to it from a different point of view, this stuff applies to destructoid reviews also, plus this way, I can submit it for the PAX contest. (sorry about the big pictures, l...


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