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Thoughts on the PlayStation 3 and GTA V


These days, Grand Theft Auto V is a name people associate with the newer consoles. Those version have taken precedence, as if the older versions are somehow lesser. While it's true the original copies of GTA V don't have some of the added features or enhanced graphics of the remastered ports, it doesn't mean they aren't good games. Put in your GTA V PS3 disc sometime, and you'll understand.

GTA V's open world, multiple protagonists, and action-packed missions won it a faithful audience on the PS3. The later addition of GTA Online, an online multiplayer experience set in Los Santos, only increased its popularity. While much of that audience has since upgraded, thanks to Rockstar's implementation of an easy upgrade system to carry over GTA Online data to the next-gen ports, many people still play GTA V on the PS3.

What is its lasting appeal, that it can continue to draw in fans even after additional versions of the game are available? Nothing secret or mysterious, just the fact that it's the same game it always was. It's the same game that won million of fans when it first came out. For some, the bonus content available in the newer versions isn't enough to warrant an additional purchase.

GTA V for the PS3 is packed with features, just like all the versions are. As an open world game, it's huge and filled with content, and little bonuses like Easter eggs and cheats just add to the appeal. GTA cheats are many and varied. Their effects range from cycling through various weather effects, a 5-minute period of invulnerability, and vehicle spawns, among others. Cheats give GTA V more replay value, since you can play outside the normal game structure while experimenting with these different effects.

And let's not forget the other side of GTA V's continued replay value: GTA Online. While you can't use cheats in GTA Online, its very nature as an online game means you should never run out of things to do, at least not for long. Rockstar still supports GTA Online on the PS3 with regular updates and new content, ranging from new vehicles and items to the long-awaited Heists. GTA Online Heist missions let you team up with other players to do a series of missions together. They require cooperation, communication, and teamwork, adding a new element of strategy to GTA Online.

With all this stuff available on the PS3, from GTA V cheats to GTA Online Heists, there's no reason to stop playing the older version of GTA V. The original release is as good as ever, and both it and its console have yet to vanish from the gaming world.

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