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Rise above hate... we are better than this surely?

I don't know about others but I enjoyed the Sony press conference last night. I have bought the PS1, 2 and currently own version 3 to. Thankfully the conference contained less filler than their E3 conferences but it was still a bit too tech heavy at the start and took a while to get to the point. Some impressive technology on show and if they can pull those kind of graphics off then the "Steam box" has some competition. PS4 will literally just be a PC in a box available at a consumer price. The games on show (although looking a little on rails) were impressive, I think the anticipation for Watch Dogs just got bigger!

One minor thing I have found with most aspects of the gaming community is the fear of change or anything different. The shit being flung at this conference was just astounding, "it'll never work". Why does the gaming community surround itself in such negativity? Shouldn't we be embracing new technology and new ideas? Those things to me are exciting! It's not something I should be fearful of. Clearly the developers looks ecstatic to have a bit more freedom on the console platform and excited that they can now speak after all the secrecy is now out in the open. But again, we will have to endure another Sony Vs Microsoft dick measuring contest in the near future as the media love to competitions!

I will be keeping an eye out on this PS4 technology to see what else new and inventive it can bring to the table without rehashing old ideas.

Don't fear change, embrace it!
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Well my name is Woodee and I like to Twitch. I like to watch Twitch! Got introduced to most of this site through the livestreaming over there and listen to the various site podcasts and RSS feeds for news. Thought it was about time I introduced myself because I like these things called games!!

My weapons of choice are PC (mostly) which is in serious need of an upgrade to keep up with the latest releases. I own a PS3 (also owned the PS2 and original PS once upon a time). I have a black Wii sitting on desk collecting dust, along with the PS move wands that have never really taken off have they?

I have owned an Atari 2600, Megadrive.... then that was it until the PC gaming on a 386!!. Friends had other consoles to play and Amiga's.

I am a strange gamer as I can be very picky as to what games/experiences I will take part in. I used to play a few FPS games but shied away from it because of the vocal majority being rather abrasive. As I got older I would look for games that gave me experiences rather than a quick fix. Normally I would gravitate words driving games from all F1 games by Microprose, through Papyrus and up to ISI. So midweek and weekends I could be found hacksawing at a wheel trying to wrestle a classic F1 car through the streets of monaco or something. I now only play sporadically with up and coming games like Rfactor 2 (it's in beta) and C.A.R.S which is pre alpha at the moment.

The experiences I spoke of earlier came in the form of Journey (one of my favourite games so far!!) and Datura (what a mind**** that was!). I was a fan of LA Noire's technology and approach and the experience that Heavy Rain gave me. I can be partial to a bit of WWE, although with every game I seem to get disappointed more and more!

Games on my watch list this year as I seem to be getting back into being more interested are Assassins Creed III, Hitman Absolution, Bioshock Infinite, Remember Me?, The Last Of Us and others I can't remember now....