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Unintended Consequences of CP '77's Failure


I am done with nature. RDR2 made my pants too dusty. All those falling leaves in Ghost of Tshushima irritated my allergies. And no amount of psychadelic mushrooms will make AC Valhalla's rolling hills any more interesting. No matter how compelling or beautifully rendered the digital outdoors can be, I'm ready for a different kind of open world. 

That's why I was so excited for CP '77. Despite some gems, most high profile open world games spend a significant amount of time in nature. CP '77 promised to change all that -- trading trees for the scummy density of a steaming, futuristic metropolis. I believed that CD Projekt Red was going to usher in a truly next-gen era of open world adventures. Yet, even if they succeed in the long run with a re-release, I'm concerned that the damage has been done. Its massive launch failure is a warning to any ambitious developer.

On the one hand there is the dumpster fire of CP '77, and on the other is the success of AC Valhalla. Why risk it all over a virtual high rise when a nice looking tree can get the job done? It's likely up to Rockstar to take the reigns with the yet-to-be-announced GTA6 -- but, until that happens, I feel like I'm going to have to use up yet another bottle of sunscreen...

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