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The start of the affair: Time Splitters 2

Ah the Gamecube. A purple little box with a handle so you could easily carry it around. I had some fun times with my little friend. Wind Waker, Ocarina of Time, SSBM, Super Mario Sunshine, but there was one game that made me love First Pe...


What the FUCK! Why is EBGames such total shit?

Hooray, October 10, the day of orange box. Im so glad i bought it twice, once for the pc, and for the 360. See, the problom with my 360 version is that i have no clue when the hell im gonna get it. Ebgames SPECIFICALLY said that they woul...


Gmod 10 Update realeased. I came.

You can view my shitty rushed video right here. Though the finger poser isn't the best part of the new update, it is the one part that made me squeal in pleasure. Here is a full list of changes to gmod 10. For the entire post, go to htt...


Psp Lite leaked feature.

The new psp lite will not only be able to play normal psp games on your tv, but now you will finally be able to play super Nintendo games on your TV. Super Nintendo Games. I can finally play some of the best games ever made on my tel...


Best game coming soon?

Question, Best game to come out between now, and Christmas. A.Halo 3 B.Orange box C.Super Mario Galaxy D.Ratchet and Clank Future. Sure, its a small list. But, these are the games that I am anticipating the most. I pick B.



Ok, so my dumb ass FINALLY got the halos, so, LETS PLAY THE HALOS!!!!!!!! MY g-tag is WmV 360 ADD FOR GREAT JUSTICE!


Halo 3 is announced on the PS3(Update)

During a press release with bungie and sony today, Halo 3 was announced to be on the ps3 before the xbox 360s initial release. (Via Bungie.net) Bungie JUST NOW posted that the Turbo-grafx 16 version of the game will be released in aug...


Black Mesa *NEW* Media.

If any of you don't remember, the Black Mesa source mod for HL2, it was a mod that put the original half life in full source coding. By this I mean, all of the award winning Half Life has been redone, remodeled, and put into next generation...



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