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So after getting all the coverage on the Xbox One and Playstation 4, I have decided that I am not going to be an early adopter.  I bought the Xbox 360 a couple weeks or a month after it came out. I wish I had waited because soon after I bought it, the red ring of death story appeared. Of course not only did I get the red ring, but I got it multiple times within the first couple years. I sent the system to Microsoft to be fixed at least 3 times and I bought an entire new system from Gametop. Although all of these fixes were under warranty, it was still annoying having to send the system back and forth.  This was before I had my Playstation 3 which I received a couple years later.  I have the original version of the 360 that has the external hard drive and it does not have wifi built in.  When the new consoles come out, they are going to be at their highest price point. That is why I am waiting to see what bundle packages will be offered.  I am currently planning on just getting the Playstation 4 console.  I am hoping that there might be a bundle where you can get the system, a game, and a subscription for Playstation Plus.  I am currently planning on just getting the Playstation 4 console.  I want to try to wait a few months to make sure there are no issues with the system and that problems will have been addressed by then.  Another reason I would be waiting is to make sure that there are enough games to play when I buy the system. There are cool games like Infamous coming out for it, but they won’t be available on launch day.  So I am trying to learn from my mistakes in the past and wait.  This is going to be hard for me because I am usually an early adopter for technology.  I look forward though to that feeling I get when purchasing a new console because it feels very refreshing and makes me excited about games again.
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