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o hai thar.

I promise that's the end of the catspeak. Maybe. Anyway, I've been into gaming for as long as I can remember. I started out on Super Mario World on the SNES when I was four or five, and I haven't stopped since. Puzzle games and RPGs are my favorites, but I also like other genres just fine. My detailed list of favorite games has gotten unwieldy, so I decided not to keep the list up here anymore. If you really want to know, I suppose you could ask me.

Oh, I do other stuff, too. Feel free to visit my blog. I nerd out about video games over there. Knitting, crochet, and books also work their way into my one-sided conversations, which is why I don't blog on Destructoid. Check it, yo:


That link is in my Social Networks whateverz-a-hoozit around here, but I'm still getting used to this new Destructoid format. I don't think this format is even that new, either. Maybe I'm just slow. Please forgive my stupids.

Is that all? I think that's all. No, wait, that's not all. Sometimes I post pictures of my stupid kitty cats. They're adorable and TOTALLY not a cheap way to get you to look at my blog and facebook and stuff.