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Phoenix Wright and Miles Edgeworth fight to the death in Soul Calibur 3!

First things first: To all the people who were pissed off at my first posting... Sorry. :P I couldn't help myself.

Anyway, I've been trolling Youtube for a while, and I came across a pocket of some very awesome vids of famous characters in pop culture being recreated using the create a character mode in Soul Caliber 3 and, of course, beating the snot out of each other. The one that really caught my eye, being the Phoenix Wright fanboy that I am, was the following of Mr. Wright himself and Miles Edgeworth going at it with swords. (Tell me you wouldn't want that to happen in the actual game) And I PROMISE this one isn't a Rickroll. If it is, you are free to beat me upside the head with a raw tuna.

*Originally uploaded by Lagi on Youtube*

I never really knew that the create a character feature could be so deep. I would of known if my PS2 didn't break and if Namco had released the game on multiple consoles like they did SC2. I still don't understand why they didn't do that, but that's beside the point. When I first heard about it, I dismissed it as just a way to distract gamers from realizing how many matches end in a cheap ring out. But now I see just how much potentional it had. Truly, the options were only as limited as the creators imagination. So I'm here to pose the question: What features in a game have you neglected because they seemed like a gimmick, but turned out to be pretty cool, or vice versa? The Sub Space Emmisary comes to mind for me.


*Originally posted by BlackChameleon on Youtube*
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