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Marvel's What If... really had a problem with dead ends. Most have been good when the focus is not on The Avengers at and the stories have actual closure, but the last two episodes just don't resolve. That's fine for the What If comics, but not TV.


The Lower Decks has really grown on me. It starts out rather Family Guy/Clerks in Space, but feels better when it shifts into TNG pacing and admits its more Saved By The Bell/Ferris Beuler Joins Starfleet.


I propose Capcom lets Pheonix Wright cross over into FFXIV to meet Hildibrand and his friends, which fit the Ace Attorney tone rather well.


This card is grossly underestimated and is so fun to shut down life-hoarding players with.


The Serpent of Ronka wishes you a happy day. Hopefully better than my evening and early morning of freaking out over my neighbor's busted water heater leaking into my hallway and pantry.


Gonna chill on the MTG Forgotten realms stuff save for sorting and boxing it, but I did get the "gift box" edition and got this borderless planeswalker card of Lolth, who is part of the more problematic past of D&D drow lore. The goddess Drizzt rejected.


This weekend was finishing Axiom Verge 2 (excellent exploration and OST), starting NMH3, feeding moogles exploding kupo nuts and refining my Green/Black MTG deck and making Vraska its queen.


I drugged some moogles into becoming obediant workers this morning. How is your day?


Following up on the prior post, "Introduction to Annihilation " legit sounds like a metal band name. Or an album title. An eponymous debut album even.


Imagine having the opportunity to give the nicest man alive, who devotes himself to child literacy the chance to host Jeopardy and going "Nah, I choose me, the producer." LeVar Burton was robbed.


I swear I get *one pair* of black compression gloves for my tendonitis and now all these algorithms think I'm goth. All those tarot cards probably aren't helping but now I'm also being offered free cauldrons. What do they think I'm doing?


I sometimes feel bad for using these cards. Not for long, though.


I really need all the Shessra, Death's Whisper cards. I like her. I just have the handdrawn variant so far. There's no real story to her, aside from that she whispers into skulls and maybe lives in an evil tree. Possibly in a poisonous swamp.


I've posted in a comment already, but this card just gives me joy.


Got this on a whim. I roll it to decide how much the snooze button timer will be multiplied.


I have relearned making me get up early to do inventory on a day I should have off makes me very cranky even with a free breakfast.


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