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2010 Gameuhdayear

For me, at least. 2010 was not a shining spot in gaming history. Nor is it something the industry should be embarrassed about. It was simply a mediocre year, that lacked creativity. Think about it, there were two remakes(Goldeneye, Pokmon ...


Gamer Profile: Whiskey28

I realized I'd burst out of the gates, guns-a-blazing, without even introducing myself. I would like to take this time to allow you to familiarize yourselves with your newest Deity. Gaming Background Info: I was born in 1989, and starte...


Why Your Two Favourite Games Suck

I'm new. Here's my blog. Metroid Prime: Metroid Prime is a video game. It was for the Gamecube. It was a FPS that was called and "action-adventure" because FPS wasn't as popular back then. Metroid Prime is a game that I strongly dislike. A...


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I was born at a very young age. I am now much older.

I played video games. I liked video games. My liking for video games drove me here. I like this site because it's about video games.