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2010 Gameuhdayear

For me, at least. 2010 was not a shining spot in gaming history. Nor is it something the industry should be embarrassed about. It was simply a mediocre year, that lacked creativity. Think about it, there were two remakes(Goldeneye, Pokmon ...


Gamer Profile: Whiskey28

I realized I'd burst out of the gates, guns-a-blazing, without even introducing myself. I would like to take this time to allow you to familiarize yourselves with your newest Deity. Gaming Background Info: I was born in 1989, and starte...


Paper Mario: Reading Between The Lines

So, I started playing Paper Mario today and I notice a few peculiar things. If you know your Mario lore, then you'll know that Mario must crush wave after wave of Goombas and Koopas. Well, at the beginning of Paper Mario, you're in a tiny g...


Why Your Two Favourite Games Suck

I'm new. Here's my blog. Metroid Prime: Metroid Prime is a video game. It was for the Gamecube. It was a FPS that was called and "action-adventure" because FPS wasn't as popular back then. Metroid Prime is a game that I strongly dislike. A...


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