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It's called "GunZ", not "Wiggle your short stick".

Well, I am about two or three years behind the power curve, here, but I've been recently introduced to the game of "GunZ". Little online game. One of those deals where they make a decent game and then add all kinds of bells and whistles ...


Welcome to the wonderful world of pain. (PvP/PK)

So there you are, minding your own business, admiring the latest artwork on some random piece of foliage the developers put in there to distract you, and suddenly some idiot's made off with part of your torso, and all of your hard won cash....


Nomenclature of PvP / PK / Griefing

So, intro is over, and now to scratch the surface before we get into the nitty-gritty. PvP? Pk? Griefing? Aren't they all pretty much the same thing? Nope. Let me break it down for you: PvP: Player versus player. These are the situ...


Introduction / Blogger's Intent

Welcome, friends, to this here PvP/Pk blog. My purpose is to share with you my motivations, strategies, and insights into the world of Player-Killing. This can include MMORPGs, and action/shooter deals, including things like Half-Life, Ha...


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On-the-fly update:

Planning on doing a segment on spawnkilling. Will fraps-up some YouTube clips. Watch for that tonight-tomorrow.

Also, planning on a weekly "PvP/PKer of the week" segment. Will highlight skillful play by the PvP/PKer community. If you'd like get in on that, send me a link to yer YouTube clip and write me the backstory on it.