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Cut-throat Corner

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Introduction / Blogger's Intent

Welcome, friends, to this here PvP/Pk blog. My purpose is to share with you my motivations, strategies, and insights into the world of Player-Killing. This can include MMORPGs, and action/shooter deals, including things like Half-Life, Ha...


About Whackjobone of us since 12:15 PM on 10.22.2007

On-the-fly update:

Planning on doing a segment on spawnkilling. Will fraps-up some YouTube clips. Watch for that tonight-tomorrow.

Also, planning on a weekly "PvP/PKer of the week" segment. Will highlight skillful play by the PvP/PKer community. If you'd like get in on that, send me a link to yer YouTube clip and write me the backstory on it.

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