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Next up: Can anyone offer up some easy recipes for me to try out? Like, beginner level. I'm a terrible cook, but want to try a little more now that I have the time. I made Alamo Drafthouse's Buffalo Cauliflower Bites the other day, so around that level...


Can anyone recommend a good yoga instructor on YouTube? Not looking for anything super intense, just something to get my yoga on indoors to help keep me nice and limber.


I've been rocking out to this song lately. I haven't been through a breakup, but it's awesome. Also, the comments are miraculously good/fun/not racist for YouTube.


I'm noticing a lot of stress and frustration at the hands of the new Animal Crossing game, mainly due to people not being able to obtain certain items. Is this normal? Is it stressing you out further in the midst of a global pandemic? Tell me.


I have a Switch, PS4, functional PC, and a ton of other older consoles, yet more often than not find myself playing Picross on my phone instead of video games during downtime at home. Anyone else turning into an old man, like me?


And just like that, bars are closed. Fuck you, coronavirus. Also, WV fell -- all states and US territories are infected. And as a final aside, I think with Sony's presentation today, this gen will be my last for console gaming.


Congrats to West Virginia, the only remaining state with no reported cases (according to the CDC) of this dumbass virus. Who had them in their pool?


If you think it's cute to play videos at work of your horrible little hellspawn screeching, you're a jerk.


This post contains either free games, or piss.


I don't think I want to continue living.


Thinking about writing a blog. Take some free games while I think about it.


Life is relentless. Take some free games or something.


Free game alert: There are some free games in this post.


Since I sort of had a brain fart earlier by posting several fart-themed posts, let's make up for it by giving away some Switch keys. I'll post some in the comments.


Going to start randomly dumping some spare game keys to clear out my cache. I'll start in the comments of this thread!


Thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes. Y'all warm my cold, grinchy, 33-year-old heart. My heart -- and my loins -- grew three sizes today.


Quick #CommunityShoutout to someone who started as a community member, became a friend, and is now my actual family. Raise a glass of warm milk to The Actual Charlton Heston with me.


Moyse is legit the sweetest sweetheart there is. He loves this place, and each one of you. Happy birthday, my friend. (You too, Scruff. Love you.)


They see me rollin', they hungry.


Life is finally good again. Update in comments when I get around to typing it.


When ya boy a celebrity on Dtoid's fb account.


When a Dtoid user introduces you to his sister and you fall super, duper hard in love.


Hey y'all I've got a project in the works. Give me your worst cab experience and I'll feature your stories in a FP post. Horrify us with your awful taxi rides!


Post 2: When Carly Rae Jepsen gives you a hug and takes a picture with you.


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I have my own soundtrack now!!!


Thanks to my main man Alphadeus for writing me a beautiful tune!


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