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This is one of my top three favorite songs. When I'm gone, remember me by Tears for Fears.


Carly Rae Jepsen's new album, Dedicated, is out today. Go buy/stream/download it.


It's pretty apparent that the writers really struggled to keep GoT interesting/relevant after running out of direct book material. It's not terrible, but man just take a look at the difference in quality. I'm glad it's finally coming to an end.


BUMPITTY BOO I'm putting together a FRONT PAGE Community post for next weekend. I want you to show us your beautiful face next to your video game twinsie. Tag it with #VGTwinsie . I'll start!


Sad music Friday night. Scoped this dude out from a New Canadian Indie station on Google Play. Fantastic music.


I just played approximately 30 minutes of MK 11 with Occams AMA


Watching Evil Dead (2013) because it's my favorite movie. What's yours?


Yo Wes here AKA Lil Nanaz. Do y'all eat bananas like this? RT to agree, Like to also agree.


Capcom should make MAGA Man.


Going running downtown today without a shirt. I need a tan. Wish me luck...


Ok fuck it, I'm going to see Carly Rae Jepsen in Raleigh this July. Who's meeting me there?!


Guess who has two thumbs and just ordered the new Carly Rae Jepsen album? This g- *thumbs fall off*


Qtoid is fixed!! Long live Qtoid! In celebration, ask me exactly one question. But you can ask me anything you'd like. I'll answer honestly, unless I don't want to.


Motion to set the fap counter maximum to 69 on all Qposts. All in favor, say, "My eye!"


Anyone picking up Anthem for PS4? I'll need someone to play with.


I stole this from Bass, I think. I don't know. But AYA. I'm going to ask you three questions when you comment. Until I fall asleep. Which could be any day now.


My roommate's dad dumpster dives and found me a working Xbox One. I don't like shooters or any of their major franchises (Halo, Gears, etc). Rare Replay is on the way. Are there any other games worth my time?


Thanks to all of you for the birthday wishes. Warms my heart knowing so many of you care. Make sure to wish Panda and Larx a happy birthday, as well. Panda is the Racer X to my Speed, and Larx is like that little monkey that everyone keeps trying to fuck.


If you're having trouble changing your username, email us at community@destructoid.com and we can do it for ya. Something broke after Mr. Destrutoid got into the Christmas Cava.


Today in things I forgot I had subscribed to because they've become literally completely fucking useless: MoviePass.


I don't know what I did to have such great friends and coworkers here at Dtoid, but I'm glad I have them. Secret Santa pics in comments. One is NFSW, and it's glorious.


Who else's older brother kicked their ass after walking in on them during the Smash Ultimate intro vid? I don't even have an older brother, but one materialized just to kick my nerd ass after that thing. Jesus.


Take a Christmas selfie. Nothing but the best to you guys. Be safe, and cherish your loved ones.


I applied to adopt an 8-year-old shar pei from the Shar Pei Rescue of VA. She needs a home, and I need a fat old doggie girl again. Fingers crossed on getting her soon.


I don't say this enough, but I love you guys. I've been ghosting a lot lately, but know I'm always here, in the highs and lows with you guys. We'll get there. Keep being strong and supportive of one another. We're in this together.


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I have my own soundtrack now!!!


Thanks to my main man Alphadeus for writing me a beautiful tune!


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