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My Wife Reviews: Super Seducer

I am a gamer; my wife, Brittany, is not. So I decided to make her play dumb, interesting, or weird games all in the name of research! She must then review them as thoroughly as possible...or at least as thoroughly as she wants. Why she...


What did you wind up buying on Black Friday?

Last week, we asked you guys what you were holding out on buying for Black Friday. This week, we want to know what you actually pulled the trigger on. Most years I go absolutely HAM and gobble up every good deal in sight. I think my hi...


Let's come up with some Mortal Kombat spin-offs

After twenty-something years, ten mainline entries (I think? The naming conventions are all fucky), and some 75 characters at this point, the Mortal Kombat brand is still going relatively strong. A successful PS3 revival saw the series...


Heel-turn: Drake's Final Deception

We're five [and a half] games deep into the Uncharted series. We've followed Nathan Drake from his humble beginnings as a punkass treasure hunter looking to find long-lost treasure, to him for some reason fighting yetis, to doing whate...


Overcoming Fear: In with the New

Growing up, I missed out on a lot of really awesome games because, simply put, they were just too damned scary for me. I feared Silent Hill with a fiery passion, wouldn't touch Fatal Frame with a ten-foot dick, and punched my grandpa in the...


The Adaptation: Teach My Katamari

The title of this blog isn't a cute statement or witty saying - it's a command. A mandate, really. I demand it because now, some thirteen (!!!) years after the North American release of Katamari Damacy, the franchise has only really ex...


BATTLESTATIONS: Wes' Ultimate Gaming Setup

Yo yo yo, it's ya boy Wes here. As you may have noticed, a punk-ass breakfast food by the name of Bukkake Waffles recently posted his weak-ass gaming setup like he's the shit. We regulars here at Destructoid know exactly who the shit i...


Play It Again, Wes: Final Fantasy XIII

Final Fantasy XIII released on March 9, 2010. I played it off and on over the course of a few months, before finally giving up somewhere about halfway through. I never beat the game. It marked the first time I failed to complete a Fina...


Wes' Nine Best Games of 2016 (Probably)

So, 2016 was a pretty big year for me. I had just graduated college mere weeks before the year started, quit my old shitty job and started a new shitty one, had a summer of extensive travel with my band, and got married to a woman with...


Outer Heaven Lives: The Journey Continues

With a knot in my stomach and a tear in my eye, I say goodbye to the planet known as Destructoid. I learned much about the universe in my travels, but learned even more about myself in the process. With the nose of my ship aimed for th...


The Perfect Thanksgaming

All things considered, Thanksgiving has it pretty rough. It falls less than a month after Halloween, so by the time people actually get around to taking down their spooky skeletons and impossible-to-remove fake spider webs from their b...


The Community in a [Taco]Shell

Most of you know me by my affable online persona, weslikestacos. You know the cute little taco man (now pixelized thanks to our very own Dangus Taargus) and the dumb stuff I say on a daily basis to try and bring what little joy to the ...


Square Enix Introduces Macrotransactions

For over twenty-five years Square Enix has developed videogames using standard industry practices, selling completed games to consumers at market retail prices. However, in the past five years, they have propelled the industry forward ...


Mediocre Theft Auto

There are certain events in American — nay, world! — history in which every single person remembers where they were when the news broke. Just ask anyone who was alive at the time where they were and what they were d...


Why Do I Like This: Final Fantasy Record Keeper

Why Do I Like This is a series that takes a look at games I know are bad/flawed/really not all that good, but still tickle the hell out of me nonetheless. Inherently different from ”guilty pleasures,” these are games I...


weslikestacos' Inferno: Canto II

Yesterday, we were introduced to New Jersey (Hell's reception area) and the first four layers of Hell. Today, our demonic guide concludes his tour of Nerd Hell. Woe to those who continue! Fifth Layer: Final Fantasy Fans ...


weslikestacos' Inferno: Canto I

I can see you're a bit disoriented, so allow me to alleviate your concerns: Your life on Earth has recently come to an end, and like trillions before you, your terrestrial exploits have damned you to Hell! In life you were greedy, vain, and...


Dr. Mario Being Charged with Medical Malpractice

Burbank, CA - After the recent break of shocking allegations against him and his firm, officials are reporting that Dr. Mario has been charged with malpractice by the California Medical Board. Dr. Mario at a recent charity event raisin...


5 Videogame Characters That Could Kick Tidus's Ass

I’m not gonna lie – Final Fantasy X is one of my favorite games ever. You don’t have to tell me how divisive it is, or how there are better FF games (let alone better JRPG’s), or point out any of its major flaws, because I know! Tru...


Why Do I Like This: Mad Max

Why Do I Like This is a series that takes a look at games I know are bad/flawed/really not all that good, but still tickle the hell out of me nonetheless. Inherently different from ”guilty pleasures,” these are games I have no shame i...


Refusal to Share: My Niece and Gaming

Like most of you here, I started out my gaming career at a very, very young age. I was probably about 4 when I got my shiny new NES, and have fond memories of running around as Super Mario, eating mushrooms and jumping on flying turtles and...


I Hate Fallout 4

I emerge from another “dungeon” – or at least another underground sewer or shelter system – gun in hand and a couple of useless suits and weapons the richer. I check my Pip-Boy, leering at the map finding my next destination. Shit, ...


Adventures in Stock Photos

Hi, I'm Wes! This is my first-ever blog entry because I'm lazy. Also, I just completed my BA in English three days ago, so all of my free time the past five years or so has gone to laborious studies and alcohol-induced cramming.  ...


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