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Rubbish News (with Crappy Pictures) #18 The Fuq All To Do with ME3 Edition

Hey you. YEAH YOU. YOU WITH THE COPY OF MASS EFFECT 3. The entitled f**ker who's demanding a different ending to Mass Effect 3. You're 3.5 BILLION YEARS of evolution... FUCKING ACT LIKE IT YOU POMPOUS TIT WART. Also I don't have Mass Effect 3 yet so stop trying to ruin it for me... Shall we get started?

Starting off the blog with a bit of non gaming news this week (ZING MOTHER FUDGERS ZING). The developers of the in-no-way-shit-your-pants-scary game The Dark Meadow, Phosphor Games, Announced it was going to be Free-2-Play as of this week. So yeah, if you looking for something to shit yourself over, look at the fact "Free-2-play" is still a thing and Engrish still takes a back seat in society.

I seriously can never do one blog without mentioning Valve. But hey, it's hip and cool with the kids of today so why the hell not. Rumours where abound that Valve where creating a "Steam Box". A piece of hardware designed to be a base line model PC, but with interchangeable parts from different manufacturers labled as "VALVE CERTIFIED".

The hell is episode 3 Valve?

Good news for people who like playing games that are crap until you're told they aren't. Deadly Premonition is getting a PS3 release. Titled "Deadly Premonition: Directors Cut", The release date isn't yet confirmed. Also points for originality on the title guys. what was the back up? Deadly Premonition: REVELATIONS?

So a new SimCity got announced in the past couple weeks along with Medal of Honor: Warfighter. But all that was overshadowed by the fact the directer of "An Inconvenient Truth" droped by and said "Clean your act up or I'mma have to merc some bitches Asses." Also, this is true by the way, they looked the doors so people couldn't get out.

More info got released about Assassins Creed 3 with a trailer confirming it was indeed set in the American Revolution, as well as a new engine being used. I got nothing. People went from "meh, another ASSCREED game HUR HUR DEEEEERP" to "MERICA FUCK YEAAAAAH".

Last I checked, when developers create game engines, it was a long term investment. HELL look at valve. Source has been out since 2005 and they're still using it. So why in the H-E Double L has Quantic made one game and are now showing their new engine off? Just... What the frick man? What the frick?

So World of Warcraft is still relevant? Guess I'll talk about it then. Turns out that if you invite a friend who used to play WoW and you get them to buy 2 or more months of subscription, Blizzard will give you a level 80 character. For Free. I shit Ye not.

Well hot damn that was a fun one. And to name last weeks caption winner...

ME! Because I'm awesome. And here be this weeks caption picture...

Have fun, be safe and See ya next Dtoiders.
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