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About Wee SKone of us since 12:31 PM on 04.15.2010

I am not a gamer.

I like video games, as a matter of fact I like them all very much, regardless of whatever platform they are on.

Ever been to a concert of a band you really like, but the crowd was full of douchebag "hardcore" fan types that you would never associate with, like ever? And due to the aforementioned experience you associate those douchebag types with the band itself and actually start indirectly disliking the band?

This what the majority of the internet gaming community has done to me and my initial love of videogames.

I joined Destructoid because it seemed to have a good level of well-headed people, of course there are some exceptions but I would be totally naive of me to think otherwise.

On a controversial note: I rather enjoyed Heavy Rain...