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#GamerGate Terms???


In a recent video I watched regarding the recent victories that #GamerGate has gotten, I'm wondering... How far does this need to go? I mean, does #GG stop when all these corrupt media sites go down the drain or is there an unspoken list of terms for surrender?

I have an issue with Kotaku, Polygon, Gamasutra and the like, but I can't imagine gamers lives would be without them. Despite my rage topics about this, it never occured to me that they may have to fall. I still want transperancy in gaming media, and I feel SJW's should stop messing around with the industry, this hasn't changed. I still think that the reason these outlits are in attack mode though, is because they don't see an out. So they keep spewing forth attack after attack, insult after insult.

So, if there is an end to this, are there terms that everyone can agree with? Or is this something that most #GG feel that we'd be better off without these gaming sites? I'll list my top 5, but I'm sure I'm a bit off on some, let me know what you think as well.


1. Stop attacking start Appologizing.

The media has yet to stop the campaign of harrasment against their viewers, nor has many stepped up to appologize for the personal attacks on many individuals. This is a small olive branch, but I think is needed.

2. Transperancy within the industry.

Is the main focal point of #GG, you can't have #GG stop without that included. I think this is more than a reasonable request from the industry.

3. Distance from Social Justice Warriors.

They attack the industry they have claimed to want to 'save'. The Fine Young Capitalist story is one such instance, but there are others, and they are numorous. You want to end this war of culture, then get rid of them. All they did was stir up drama.

4. Stop harassing other journalists.

This is my personal rule, though it's known that journalists at Gawker have a habit of telling other journalists what to write about, what stories not to cover, and which sides to take. That's not journalism, that's just plain BS.

5. Get rid of the worst offenders

(Optional) Those that wrote the most hurtful articles, or those that refuse to stop attacking viewers, should be fired.

What do you think?

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