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The Anne Diamond Clip

The promised video... see smugness in action... discussing the infamous game reviews, and the future for her gaming career, writing for Play Magazine. For some reason the damn thing won't embed. ...


Of Kittens and Cheese...

Why is it that putting a room full of gamers, adding in a couple of strangers and a game that encourages hilarity - in this case Burnout Paradise - results in the sort of conversations that would leave Faith Nelson blushing? This evening's...


FAO Mr Sterling

Right, as I posted before Jim Sterling suggested a moron gauntlet, which would give 'so-called haters' the change to go toe to toe with him for a chortle. Well, one of the people he 'named' was our very own Bouncybhall, who accepted, only f...


Ch Ch Ch Ch Changes...

It's funny, in a matter of weeks one game can go from the next great thing to bargain bin, the outsider can do well, and constantly people are guilty of under-estimation. Last night's issues with XBL for example, should NOT have happened, ...



Sometimes things happen that knock you for six, and today I have been knocked for six, seven and indeed eight. 360 Gamer magazine has put our site on their 'Hot List' Consider my socks blown off. And consider the site crashed by a huge...


Lolocausting For Marbles

The other day I introduced the site we are working on, which aims to be the Kinder Surprise Egg of the internet... or at least somewhere near that. Over the week we have been working on a podcast, but more importantly we've been moving ser...


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